Alone in the Dark - Inferno

  • PS3

The series that spawned the Survival Horror genre returns in terrifying next generation glory.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Atari
  • Developer: Eden Studios

    Since it debuted back in 1992 on PC, the Alone in the Dark series has been synonymous with nail-biting terror, gripping storylines and edge-of-your-seat gameplay. Now, 16 years on, Atari and Eden Games bring the grandfather of videogame horror to PlayStation 3.

    Set in the present day in and around New York's Central Park, Alone in the Dark explores the darkest corners of urban horror, utilising the power of PlayStation 3 to invigorate the genre with frighteningly fresh levels of fear.

    Taking its cue from popular TV drama series, Alone in the Dark delivers the action in 30-40 minute episodes. Each episode will tease you into the next with a cliffhanger ending and a video teaser of what's to come.

    PlayStation 3 allows Eden Games to deliver new levels of interactivity and openness, while the mixture of next generation animation, lighting and sound will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

    • Open-ended gameplay with a script written by New York Times best-selling writer Lorenzo Carcaterra
    • Realistic and advanced cinematographic effects thanks to Eden's proprietary Twilight technology
    • Immense set pieces, including a high speed chase through the streets of Manhattan
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    Park life

    Be afraid, be very afraid of the dark in Alone In The Dark: Inferno

    Developer Eden Games has taken the existing Alone In The Dark and added heaps of new content giving the game design a nip and tuck to make for the definitive Alone In The Dark experience across all consoles in 2008.

    One of the most significant additions is a fully functional, much more traditional, adjustable camera that has been assigned to the right analogue stick. This means that you have a much better vantage point when it comes to surveying your treacherous surroundings in and around Central Park. It’s also much easier for those moments when you come face to face with the hideous monsters intent on dragging your soul down into the dark ether.

    Ready for the fight

    You use the right stick to wield objects such as fire extinguishers, planks of wood and anything else you can get your hands on to defend yourself with. Edward can lock on to an enemy using the L1 button, allowing you to strafe around attacking enemies while using the right stick to wield your weapon at them, offering up a slick and robust close combat system.

    Rather than accessing a menu when you are searching for more ammo or health, Edward’s inventory is actually his jacket. When you enter it, the game switches its point of view to first person view, so you can look down at what you’ve got tucked inside your jacket. Eden has also added an extra slot to Edward’s jacket for Alone In The Dark: Inferno, allowing you to carry that all important extra item that will no doubt save your skin when you need it the most.

    The game also switches to first person when you have raised your gun to shoot at an enemy. Both first and third person view can be toggled back and forth by simply tapping the Triangle button. In fact, you could easily play the game in first person mode if you chose to.

    Throughout the game you will also encounter a number of mini-game styled missions as you play through the chapters of the story that require Edward to destroy huge demonic roots that have grown around Central Park before you can progress any further. These mini-games offer up a break from solving puzzles and exploring the dark and dank corners of the haunted forest.

    Mixing up the gameplay even further are the white knuckle driving sequences that offer up just as much thrills and spills as when you are exploring Central Park on foot. One particular mission on wheels is the 59th Street Escape, a breathtaking set piece that sees you speed through the streets of New York as the tarmac uproots and explodes around you, buildings crumble and traffic is flung into the air exploding in balls of flames.

    Episodic evil

    The game itself is divided up into episodes and chapters, much like a TV show. The interesting thing about Alone In The Dark: Inferno is that if you come across a point in the game or a puzzle that you somehow can’t seem to get past, you can simply fast forward or skip to the next chapter in the game. It’s a unique way of playing and can come to your rescue much more often than you would think.

    There truly are some breathtaking moments that put the game right up there with some of the most thrilling Hollywood blockbusters of recent memory and with the tight control system when you’re on foot mixed with the heart-pounding missions behind the wheel, Alone In The Dark: Inferno is the definitive edition of the summer scare-fest that PlayStation 3 owners have been handed exclusively by Atari and Eden Games.

    And with its haunting musical score by famed composer Olivier Deriviere and the Grammy Award-winning Mystery Of Bulgarian Voices choir, the game will have you clutching the edges of your seat or peeking out from behind the sofa. So don’t be afraid of the dark, step into it and discover the sinister secrets deep in the bowels of Central Park.

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