Offices, studios, distribution hubs and repair/refurbishments

SIEE operations


Environmental management

We have established an environmental management system to continually review and improve our progress throughout Europe. Our environmental targets cover energy, water, waste and resource use.

Our offices

By the end of 2019 Financial year we have committed to:

  • Achieve a 70% recycling rate
  • Reduce total energy  consumption by 20%
  • Install water efficient equipment
  • Eliminate excessive packaging used in company catering

Community activities

In addition, we run an employee volunteer programme to allow employees up to two days leave per year to support local community and conservation projects.  We have carried out activities with a variety of organisations from nature reserves and wildlife parks to community allotments and children charities, some of whom we have been working with for 10 years.



Trucking and air freight are the two modes of transport with the highest carbon emissions.

Where possible, we transport goods by water and rail to keep these emissions as low as possible. For example, instead of moving goods by road from the port at Rotterdam to our central warehouse, we transport the products by boat.



SIEE has helped establish a number of recycling schemes across Europe to ensure our products, batteries and packaging are collected, recycled and treated at end of life. Every year we spend in the region of €1.5 million to finance these operations.