7 tips for saving lives in Two Point Hospital

Can you keep the citizens of Two Point County healthy in this wacky management sim from the co-creators of strategy classic Theme Hospital? Build a thriving medical empire with these beginner's tips.  


1. Study each region’s characteristics

There are 15 main hospitals spread across five different regions, with three additional hospitals in the included story add-ons, Bigfoot and Pebberley Island. Pay special attention to each region’s unique personality, as it will give you a valuable head start on what to develop first.

For example, Grockle Bay’s sunny climes require that you invest in Air Con Units as quickly as possible to keep your patients cool. Similarly, Tumble’s high altitude and cold air means Radiators are a must, along with a Fracture Ward to keep on top of the inevitable hiking accidents. 


2. Develop your staff quickly…

Before you start hiring, use the staff inspector tool to get a detailed rundown on each staff member’s skills and qualifications. Don’t think you can just bring in doctors and nurses, either – assistants are required to help admit patients and operate certain areas like the reception and marketing rooms, while janitors will ensure your hospital is clean, well-stocked and attractive.

It’s also important to start training staff when you get the chance, making it easier for them to diagnose patients faster and more successfully. Just don’t forget to tell them to get back to work, or huge queues of patients will start to form! 


3. …but don’t forget about your patients’ needs, either

It’s easy to get lost in the wider day-to-day running of your hospital, but zoom in on each patient and you’ll discover useful information that can head off potential disasters before they happen.

It’s in your best interest to prevent additional injuries, so ensuring you have enough bathrooms is also important. If a queasy patient can’t make it to a bathroom in time, they could be sick in a corridor, which can make a hapless victim slip up and hurt themselves. 

Action: Pointing at their mouth

Meaning: The patient is hungry or thirsty and you need to order more snack machines.

Action: Clutching their behind

Meaning: The available toilets are constantly busy and you need to build more. 

Action: Holding their tummy

Meaning: The patient’s health is getting low and should be moved up the queue before they expire. 


Dealing with ghosts

Unfortunately, if the worst happens, your patients will shuffle off this mortal coil and turn into ghosts. Not only will your reputation suffer, but ghosts will also scare off the other patients. Train or hire janitors with a ghost-catching perk to help deal with apparitions, and stop your hospital turning into a cemetery… 


4. Optimise your rooms and layouts

Your patients will already be in pain when they arrive, so don’t make them walk further than they need to in order to be treated.

Also spend money to upgrade the equipment in your rooms, so diagnosis machines work quicker and treatment machines have a better chance of successfully curing patients. 

“Group your rooms together to make your hospital run smoother. It’s very easy to pick up a room and relocate it if you need to fine tune it.” 


- Lead Designer Ben Huskins



5. The loudspeaker system isn't just for entertainment…

It may seem like the radio is just for keeping patients happy, but it actually provides valuable information about your game. You’ll learn more about Two Point County and the wider world, and about locations, VIP characters and products that you’ve yet to encounter.

Similarly, the loudspeaker announcer also provides clues to what’s happening right now in your hospital, so keep an ear out for situations that require immediate attention. 


6. Beware of unexpected visitors

It’s not just staff, patients and ghosts you’ll need to keep an eye on – rival healthcare organisations like to have a snoop around, too. Some are friendly and will help you with research, but beware of more nefarious competition who can cause damage.

“Watch out for the head of Jumbo MegaCorp, who will actively try to sabotage your hospital, sneaking into your rooms and pulling out a wrench to smash your machines.”  


- Lead Designer Ben Huskins



7. Don’t give up!

It should come as no surprise that some of Two Point Hospital’s development team have worked on its popular spiritual predecessor, Theme Hospital.

The similarities don’t stop at the hilarious comical ailments and elaborate business decision making, but also in the way Two Point Hospital eases you into its intricate design, increasing the challenge as you progress. But if you’re finding one hospital a bit tricky, don’t be afraid to move on and come back to it. 

“You don’t need to get a three-star rating in each hospital the first time you play. Feel free to jump between locations.” 


- Lead Designer Ben Huskins



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