How DOOM Eternal supercharges the series’ time-honoured formula

For the latest entry in its seminal shooter series, developer id Software delivers a ripping, tearing experience that broadens the scope for what a fast-paced action-driven shooter can be.



One of the biggest changes that id Software has implemented is to rethink the flow of combat. Sure, you’ll still be firing enormous guns at enormous enemies, but three major changes transform how the action plays out: 

Pick-ups and take downs

There are more enemies than ever, but health and ammunition are now harder to come by. To stay fighting fit you’ll need to earn pick-ups by executing your enemies with visceral Glory Kills. The Chainsaw will release ammo, the Flame Belch provides armour and Glory Kills will shower you with health pick-ups.

Getting around

In DOOM, standing still has always been a quick way to wind up dead, but in DOOM Eternal, you need to be more agile than ever. Swing from over-hanging bars, perform double jumps, cling to walls and even vault from boost pads to stay ahead of the hordes. Not only will it keep you from harm, but it’ll give you clean shots on enemy sweet spots.


Your opponents are more dynamic and dangerous than ever, but your options for dealing with them have expanded too. Blow off limbs to limit their offensive capabilities, target weak spots to stagger and inflict maximum damage, or get creative. Fire a grenade into a Cacodemon’s open maw, for example, and give it a serious case of indigestion!

These changes ultimately mean that encounters play out less like fast-paced shooting galleries and more like blood-soaked puzzles. Rather than raining indiscriminate ordinance on the nearest demon, target your enemies strategically, use your agility to get around and be smart about how you spend your ammo.  




The new flow of combat goes hand-in-glove with a fresh set of weapons and attacks.

First up, all your favourites are here: the Super Shotgun, Rocket Launcher and Plasma rifle and more return to the fray, but each has been finely tuned to match the new combat philosophy, demanding smarter play with bigger pay-offs.

For example, the Super-Shotgun still packs a punch, but to really feel the kick you’ll need to get up close and personal. The Rocket Launcher, meanwhile, remains lethal at all ranges, but isn't quite such a rapid shot, so you’ll need to be smart with your timing to land the hit.

New mods

Last but not least, weapons have also been modified with new attachments to add to the creative chaos: your regular shotgun now has a devastating full-auto modification to silence even the most savage enemies, while the Super-Shotgun can be fitted with a ‘Meat Hook’ allowing you to grapple enemies and rapidly zip towards them.


The Praetor Suit

The DOOM Slayer’s iconic Praetor Suit has had a few nifty upgrades for DOOM Eternal, adding new combat options and some visceral flourishes to close-quarters showdowns.

Equipment Launcher

A game-changing addition to the Praetor Suit. Not only will this shoulder-mounted device fire-off grenades like a pneumatic ram, but it also sprays arcs of flame and deploys ‘Ice Bombs’ to stop mobs in their tracks.

DOOM Blade

Good old-fashioned, wrist-mounted, retractable steel makes for a whole range of more visceral Glory Kills and can be deployed from different angles for different take-downs. 

Blood Punch

Deliver a super-powered melee attack, loaded with splash damage, to splatter, scatter and stagger whole groups of enemies. Great for putting the hurt on minor mobs or just venting some frustration! 



DOOM Eternal - Gameplay Trailer 2

Familiar fiends

It wouldn’t be DOOM without demons to slay and there are fan-favourites galore to tear your way through.

Iconic enemies like the Mancubus, Arachnotron and Cacodemon all return to the fray, but are now sporting a new range of attacks to keep you on your toes, destructible appendages that can be targeted for a tactical advantage and new flesh-rendering tech that means you can blow chunks off their grisly hides to your heart’s content.

Deadly newcomers

Alongside these, hell has also spat forth a whole new range of foes with gruesome designs, unique abilities and powerful weaponry. 

DOOM Hunter

A specially-engineered mountain of metal and meat this floating monstrosity has been designed by Hell's chief boffins specifically to hunt down and kill the Slayer. Fitted with giant saw-blade arm, an oversized arm cannon and able to deploy barrages of missiles from his mechanised shell, he is more than fit for the task - are you?


Bearing a disquieting resemblence to the DOOM Slayer himself, the Marauder is a hulking, horned golliath wielding a searing infernal axe in one hand and a Super Shotgun in the other. There's definitely more to the guy than meets the eye.


Drawing inspiration from the colosseums of antiquity, the gladitor is a savage brute, wielding a giant chain mace infused with arcane energy and a gigantic towershield infused with the souls of the damned. Ready to enter the arena?



DOOM Eternal marks id Software’s shift to the latest iteration of its in-house id Tech 7 engine. Of the many benefits this presents, one of the most transformative to gameplay is the studio’s ability to draw larger, more complex worlds - and that means bigger levels to get lost in. 

This additional space, however, has not only been used to expand their world outwards, but upwards and downwards as well. Combined with a range of new traversal mechanics, including wall-climbing and swinging, you’ll now be exploring in all directions as you hunt down objectives, weapons, demonic hordes and secret areas.  

DOOM Eternal - E3 2019 trailer



Building on the foundations for which the series is known, DOOM Eternal re-envisions its multiplayer, doing away with traditional player-vs-player modes and embarking on a custom built mode that harnesses the unique feel of the series.


Slay with your friends in a brand-new multiplayer mode custom built by the team at id Software. The rules are simple: three players enter the arena - two powerful demons and one fully-armed DOOM Slayer - and fight it out over five rounds to take the match.

Choose you favourite demon and see what it's like to play for the opposition, or gear up as the DOOM Slayer and prove once and for all your unstoppable prowess in slaughtering the spawn of Hell.



Long-time fans of DOOM will probably know the moons of Mars and the depths of Hell better than they do the back of their hands. While you’ll visit both in DOOM Eternal, you’ll also have a wide new variety of areas of explore.

Hell on Earth

Explore the crumbling cities of an Earth savaged by the marauding armies of Hell. Nooks and crannies of a once-familiar world litter this new wasteland, hiding puzzles, secrets and all manner of grisy creatures. 

Alternate dimensions

Discover worlds and realities far beyond our own. Planets and locations which date back to the very origins of the DOOM Slayer are waiting to be uncovered, casting light on the ongoing war between damnation and mankind.

DOOM's take on Heaven

You've descended into the very depths of Hell, but have you ever seen what Heaven looks like in the DOOM universe? As you wade into a war that spans the ages, you'll have a chance to ascend to the heavens above - but who knows what wrath you might call down.


Where to buy

DOOM Eternal - Standard Edition

The complete base game including full story campaign, player invasions and new multiplayer experience 'Battlemode'.

DOOM Eternal - Deluxe Edition

The complete base game along with the Year One Pass, additional campaign add-ons, Demonic Slayer Skin and the Classic Weapon Sound Pack.