How Concrete Genie marries deep themes with magical gameplay


Go on a heart-warming adventure

Concrete Genie follows the captivating journey of a bullied teen named Ash, who escapes his troubles by bringing his colourful imagination to life through street art.

Meet Ash

Ash is a kind-hearted young artist who you’ll often find either doodling in his sketchbook or running away from bullies as he explores the down-at-heel area he grew up in.

One day, his tormentors confront him and rip his sketchbook apart scattering the pages across Denska. After stumbling on a magic paintbrush while exploring a ‘haunted’ lighthouse, Ash must embark on a mission to retrieve his missing sketchbook pages while using the power of his magical brush to bring light back to his home town.

The Bullies

A group of rowdy kids vandalising the gloomy streets of Denska, consisting of Chuck, Jeanie, Beatrice, Zack and Froggy. They don’t seem very good at climbing, so the rooftops are Ash’s refuge.

It’s unclear why these young vandals take so much joy in wrecking stuff and throwing our hero into dumpsters, but maybe you’ll discover a few things about them along the way? These kids aren’t as artistically gifted as Ash, but you may find some of their own illustrations making fun of Ash as you explore the town. Luckily, you can always paint over them!

The Genies

Colourful creatures with mysterious powers who follow Ash around helping him purify the darkened town of Denska.

Whenever Ash stumbles across old chalk drawings of his Genie pals, he brings them to life on the building walls by repainting them with his magic brush. They’re playful and will interact with Ash through games like basketball, high-fives or just sitting down to watch TV together. They also have great taste in art and may ask Ash to paint specific things for them. Everyone wants a nice home, and maybe they’ll do something nice for him in return?


Use the town of Denska as your canvas

Denska was once a thriving fishing community but was abandoned after a massive oil spill. This formerly vibrant seaside town has now been blighted by inky black waters and a toxic pall clinging to the buildings. Ash may be the only person capable of restoring Denska to its former glory.

You’ll traverse open neighbourhoods as you cover walls in colourful paintings and solve puzzles. This village is filled with rooftops, nooks and crannies that’ll let you hide from the bullies lurking around every corner.


You don’t have to be an experienced artist to enjoy Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie is the perfect game for those of you who couldn’t resist drawing on the living room walls as a kid. Anyone can create stunning street art using the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controllers’ motion sensors - whether you’re a seasoned illustrator or a stick figure doodler.

The magic brush

A magical paintbrush imbued with Living Paint that’ll make you feel like a true artist, bringing your spectacular creations to life with blooming flowers, weather effects and creatures moving across the canvas. It’s also the only thing that can push back and cleanse the Darkness which is afflicting Denska – so make sure you don’t lose it!

Super Paint

Supercharged Living Paint makes your paintings bigger and brighter. It’s also the only thing that can purify buildings where the Darkness is particularly strong. Your Genies will help you fill your Super Paint meter, so make sure to be extra nice to them.

The sketchbook

Ash’s sketchbook works like a library of patterns to use with your paintbrush, filling in trees, campfires, flowers and more. You still have a lot of freedom in how you mix and match objects, sizes and the direction of each element. The more missing pages you collect, the more options you get while you paint.


Create Genie friends to help Ash on his journey

Concrete Genie takes the term ‘making friends’ very literally as you use your magic paintbrush to design and bring to life a cast of mischievous Genies. Your quirky new friends will help you solve puzzles, reach new areas and even play a few games when you need a break from cleaning up Denska.

Different types of Genies

Genies aren’t just there to keep you company when you’re lonely, they also have elemental powers that can help you along the way. 

Fire Genies

These fiery red companions can burn objects that open new pathways to explore.

Electric Genies

Can’t get through an electric door? Your sunshine yellow pals can zap dead fuse boxes back to life

Wind Genies

Your blue friends can send powerful gusts of wind to blow heavy objects out of your way.

"Narratively, or rather emotionally, they represent the friends that Ash wished he had in real life."

- Dominic Robilliard, Creative Director


Immerse yourself in magical VR Modes

VR Experience mode

Investigate the area beneath Denska’s lighthouse using the PlayStation Move motion controllers as you team up with an adorable Genie named Splotch to uncover a mysterious new power in a linear adventure that allows you to paint in a colourful 3D space.

Change the time of day by painting a sun or moon, plant trees and watch as Splotch interacts with your creations. Completing VR Experience Mode unlocks VR Free Paint Mode.

VR Free Paint Mode

Choose from four unique Denska locations where you can freely experiment with all the brushes and Genies you’ve collected during your adventures in the main game.

Use the PlayStation Move motion controllers to paint beautiful landscapes, quirky Genies and discover all the possible interactions.


Meet the team

This captivating adventure inspired by stop-motion animation and children’s storybook illustration comes from PixelOpus, a small in-house Sony studio based in San Mateo, California.

The original idea for Concrete Genie came out of a team-wide brainstorming exercise after their first game, Entwined. Ashwin Kumar, their VFX artist, came up with the concept and presented it through a painting of a small boy being bullied, with huge characters on a wall that he imagined were sticking up for him.


Buy Concrete Genie

Pre-order either edition of Concrete Genie and receive a Denska Dynamic Theme and Avatar Set, downloadable from PlayStation Store. 

Concrete Genie - Standard Edition

  • The full game.

Concrete Genie – Digital Deluxe Edition

  • The full game from PlayStation Store.
  • The Pond Design Pack add-on.
  • The Music of Concrete Genie digital soundtrack.
  • The Concrete Genie digital art book.
  • The Concrete Genie Lighthouse Dynamic Theme.