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System Software 2.0

Discover the incredible features we’ve added in the latest PS4 system software update.

Triangle Circle Shapes
Square Cross Shapes
Game characters

Play with everyone

More ways to connect and share

  • YouTube

Share your gameplay videos with the world via YouTube – with a press of the SHARE button, upload your greatest moments to your channel, or watch the latest videos via the dedicated YouTube app on the PS4 home screen.

  • Share Play

Let a PSN friend try out your favourite game, or have them join you in a two-player match or co-op adventure – even if they don’t own the game.

  • Friend finder

Expand your PSN friends list with suggestions of people you may know and want to connect with and search for friends using their real name.

  • Live broadcasting

Check out live gaming action from a range of featured channels, follow your favourite channels, search for specific games and easily find friends who are broadcasting live.

  • Remote Play with Sony Xperia Z3

Play PS4 games on your Sony Xperia Z3 series smartphone or tablet by connecting with Remote Play.

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Game characters

Play your way

Personalise your PS4

  • USB Music Player

Listen to music direct from a USB stick – just load your MP3, MP4, M4A or 3GP files and create your own soundtrack to your favourite games.
Learn about the music player.

  • Themes

Personalise your PS4 home screen and icons with a series of spectacular themes from PlayStation Store.
Find out how in our handy guide.

  • Home screen colours

Switch the background of your homescreen from the classic PlayStation blue to a rainbow of different colours.

  • Voice control

Talk to your PS4 and control various features in even more ways – just say “All commands” to see the voice commands available.


Streamlined storage

Organise your gaming

  • Content library

Access your 15 most used apps and games straight from your PS4 home screen – the rest will be in your Library and can be organised the way you want.

  • Add PlayStation Plus games to your Library

If you’re a PS Plus member, you can add your monthly games to your Library before they’re downloaded – making sure you get your games while saving space on your hard drive.