Everything you need to know about Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

All the racers, weapons, tracks and games modes from Crash Bandicoot's return to the driver's seat in this colourful remake of a PlayStation classic.

Game modes

Adventure mode

Adventure Mode is back for the Nitro-Fueled remake, along with big-bad villain Nitros Oxide. There are two gameplay options: Classic and Nitro-Fueled mode, and four event types to tackle.

Choose Classic and you’ll pick a character from the line-up to master their racing style - but just like in the PS One original, you’ll have to stick with your choice to the end. However, Nitro-Fueled gives you the freedom to unlock characters, karts, and customizations, and switch things up at any point in your adventure.

Trophy race

A three-lap race for first place and the trophies you’ll need to access Boss Garages and Warp Pads.

Boss challenge

Collect four trophies to take on Ripper Roo, Papu Papu, Komodo Joe, and Pinstripe in one-on-one battles.

CTR challenge

Dealt with a world’s boss? There’s more to tackle with these races that’ll send you on diversions to collect CTR tokens that go towards unlocking Gem Cup events

Relic race

The clock is ticking, and the only way to log a fast enough time to win a relic is to smash through a Time Crate to freeze the countdown.

Arcade events

Prefer to jump straight into a race against online, local, or computer-controlled opposition? There are five classic karting modes to choose from:

Time Trial

This is where the fur really flies – a straight-up three lap time trial, where speed is all that matters. Log your time and race your ghost to get better… improve enough, and Dr N.Tropy’s ghost will appear, followed by the ultra-fast ghost of Nitros Oxide as a challenge for the real speed demons.


Got a score to settle? Battle mode is where you can take revenge in multiplayer match-ups for two to four players, in a series of arenas strewn with weapons and power-ups. You can adjust the rules to your preference, but the aim is the same – the driver with the most kills takes the glory. 

Arcade cup

These grand-prix style events come with a range of cups to compete for, in single or two-player events. Win the cup and you’ll unlock bonus arenas to play in Battle mode.

Arcade race

The classic karting event – a single, multi-lap race to cross the line in first place. Of course, there are plenty of weapon pick ups and Wumpa fruit to spice things up.


An arcade race for those who don’t want the distractions of other driver – just full on multiplayer rivalry for two to four players.


Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. Will you pick a balanced character for more control, or be bold and reach N.sane speed with a character that’s hard to master?

Crash Bandicoot

The hero of the franchise and probably the main reason you’ve even heard of a bandicoot at all.

If you’re looking for a jack of all race tracks, Crash has got your furry back. His balanced stats leave him with very few weaknesses - but he may fall behind on tracks that are suitable for a more specialized class.

Dr Neo Cortex

When this mad scientist isn’t zapping animals with his Evolvo-Ray, he’s zapping them with weapons on the race track. He has a balanced build like Crash that makes him a reliable choice – despite his villainous tendencies.


Half dingo, half crocodile and one of the fastest racers around. He may be a bit tricky to play due to his high speed and low turn stats, but you’ll be a real monster on the track once you get the hang of his wild racing style.

Coco Bandicoot

Crash’s spirited and highly intelligent sister who's normally glued to her laptop or busy working on gadgets for Crash.

Coco may struggle against fast characters in the long run, but her maxed out acceleration means she’ll reach her top speed very quickly. A perfect match for those of you who get slowed down frequently.

Ripper Roo

Despite his wild look and straitjacket, Ripper Roo is a ‘sensible’ driver who focuses his energy on control rather than speed. If you find yourself struggling with obstacles and sharp turns – Ripper Roo’s the mutant kangaroo for you.

Dr. N. Gin

He used to be a world-renowned physicist until a freak accident lodged a missile into his head. N.Gin has high acceleration making him a good choice for tracks overrun with obstacles. The accident may have cost him his sanity, but maybe it made him a better driver?


Pura is Coco’s beloved pet tiger who’s carried her on his back through many obstacles.

Adorable, fluffy, and perfect for beginners, Pura is ideal for laying low and taking out your opponents from the back. What he lacks in speed, he makes up for in high turn stats making it much easier for you to take sharp corners that may fling speedier racers off the course.

Power-ups and weapons

You’ll need an extra boost as you go fur-throttle against the other racers, and Nitro-Fueled have all the fun power-ups from the original.

Wumpa fruit

Five a day keeps the doctor away – and makes your power-ups much more potent! Collect ten fruits to Juice Up your weapons and gain an even bigger advantage against your rivals.


Hit the straights at top speed with a Turbo boost, or hide yourself from other racers with the Invisibility perk that’ll make their projectiles whizz right past you.


Masks and Power Shields protect you from harm, but also double up as weapons. Race into other drivers with a Mask on or fling your shield towards a rival just before they reach the finish line to make them watch in horror as you zip past.


Send Tracking Missiles after your foes, bowl bombs down the track to take them out, or if you’re lucky and get your paws on a Warp Orb, it’ll take out whoever is in the lead. Add some Wumpa juice for even more devastating effects!


Explosive Crates and N. Brio’s Beakers are nifty little ‘presents’ to leave behind for your friends as you compete for glory. Be sneaky and leave a beaker behind a crate or on a turbo pad to send your foes spinning – or just blow them up with TNT.

Kart customization

Destroy your friends and family in a sweet personalized ride. Mix and match the body, paint, wheels, stickers, and decals to match your personality whether it’s a classic Crash Team Racing kart look – or something quirkier.

Race tracks

Nitro-Fueled contains all the original Crash Team Racing tracks along with Crash Nitro Kart tracks with traps and shortcuts left right where you remember them. Here's a selection of levels you can expect to see in Nitro-Fueled.

Crash Team Racing tracks

Race along the idyllic shoreline of Crash Cove, through the perils of Mystery Caves, and on to the Lost Ruins, where Dingo Canyon and Rampage Ruins await. The icy terrain of Polar Pass will test your handling, while racing through Citadel City, into Cortex Castle, and on to Nitro Court will be a real test of your skills.

Nitro Kart tracks

Driver favourites like Volcano Island and Meteor Gorge are all here from the 2003 original, along with the tricky terrain of Thunder Struck and Desert Storm. Things get even more technical in the Teeknee zone, with Android Alley and Electron Avenue bringing the futuristic challenges.

Tips and tricks

Crash and his friends have a few game-changing tricks you can master to get ahead of the crowd. But be careful, one misstep and it can backfire…

Turbo boost

If you want to pick up some extra speed, you can press the R1 button to jump off ramps, bumps in the road, and inclines to get ahead. The longer you’re in the air – the bigger your boost will be when you land.

Power sliding

Press and hold the R1 button when going into a turn to jump and begin your slide. When the Turbo Meter turns red, press the L1 button to pick up a boost while still holding R1. With a cool head and some precise timing – you’ll be able to perform this up to three times per slide.

Turbo start

You’ll want to start off the race with a Turbo boost to get ahead of the crowd. Press X repeatedly to rev the engine and fill up the meter. If you time it correctly and get the meter full once the light turns green, you’ll start off with the maximum speed boost.

Defensive weapons

Masks and Power Shields aren’t your only means of protection. Explosive Crates and N. Brio’s Beakers can also stop weapons like Tracking Missiles and Bowling Bombs – if you manage to time your drop perfectly.