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GT Sport

Welcome to the Gran Turismo Sport Forum

Created 05/05/2019
35 Replies

Welcome to the GT Sport Forums

Welcome everyone to the Gran Turismo Sport forum.

This is the place for all your Gran Turismo Sport discussions. Here you will find the latest news and information on game updates for GT Sport. Along with details on community events, activities and help topics. It's all here.

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Thread Replies

  • septoumR21


    septoumR21 11 August, 2019 @ 22:45
    Can you install Peugeot rallye 1600cc?
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  • Jidu


    Jidu 03 September, 2019 @ 01:22

    I'd like a more realistic approach to determining penalties in races. Exceeding track limits should involve warnings before applying a larger penalty.  Regularly you can over steer or be bumped off the track and lose time but still be deemed to have exceeded track limits.  Where is the gaining an advantage rule? 

    Your SR rating shouldn't be affected when you are crashed into. 

    Rubbing is racing, a little bump drafting or rubbing through corners is great and conducted by pro drivers in real life.  Could the physics model be amended to include more panel absorption of impacts. Currently feels almost rubberband like in response to mild bumping. You'll fly off the track far to easily when trying to race side by side.  

    Also please look into the penalty zone on Interlagos. Given it's so close to the braking point I feel the disadvantage isn't proportional. 

    GT is a fantastic game with a great community of races and a few minor improvements could radically improve the consistency of races.  


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  • lukedjw


    lukedjw 05 September, 2019 @ 15:20

    I think Gran Turismo Sport has been one of the games I have spent the most time on. With this game, not only can you be a race driver, but also a tuner, test driver, drift king, graphic designer, critic, photographer, artist, collector, commentator, broadcaster etc. What GT Sport offers is incredible. It is something I could have only dreamed of not that long ago. So, well done to all the folks at Polyphony Digital and Sony for making such an addictive game. This is why I've been thinking so much lately on what could be improved because, like every game, there is always room for some improvement. So these are the following areas which I feel could be developed further(wish list):

    Livery Editor (Helmet)

    • Variations in helmet manufacturer (E.g. Bell, Schuberth, Stilo, Simpson etc)
    • Choice of helmet type based on preferred discipline (E.g. Rally helmet, Nascar helmet, Classic helmet used in Revivals like Goodwood, Motorcycle helmet)
    • Ability to add decals/paint to visor strip (Makes for more realism when producing replicas)
    • Ability to add decals/paint to visor (Could make for some wacky and funny designs. Also some real drivers inc. Max Verstappen have sponsor logos on visor)
    • Choice of visor tint (E.g. Clear, Blue, Red, Orange etc)
    • Choice of adding visor tear offs
    • Customisable aero attachments (E.g. Make them transparent or get rid of them)
    • Ability to change colour of inside padding (E.g. Hamilton has white padding, whereas Leclerc has red padding)
    • Ability to colour and add decals to balaclava (This would be more important with rally and classic helmets)
    • Ability to use regular car paints (E.g. chrome or matte metallic) to paint helmet
    • Different driver avatars (E.g. taller or shorter or thinner or larger. Different colour skin and eye colour - more important with rally and classic helmets)

    Livery Editor (Race Suit)

    • More variations in suit manufacturer (E.g. Sparco, Freem, OMP etc.)
    • Increase the area in which you can apply decals (E.g. shoulders, gloves, waist, waist strap, legs, boots)
    • Ability to reflect decals placed on one arm to the other or front to back (Makes making suit symmetrical easier)
    • Customise colour of suit manufacturer logo (E.g. when colouring a Puma suit in white the Puma logo turns red and cannot be changed)
    •  Interchangeable clothing items (E.g. I could decide that I want an OMP race suit with Alpinestar boots)

    Livery Editor (Car)

    • Design own windshield banner within area on windshield
    • Customisable Aero parts like on Gran Turismo 5 and 6 (E.g. Bigger rear wing or cleaner front end - doesn't have to effect downforce in races, it's more for aesthetic)

    Livery Editor (As a whole)

    • Ability to select a group of decals/layers (This could make deleting a large amount of layers easier)
    • Ability to paint decals with regular car paints (E.g. chrome, matte metallic)
    • Different background views/lighting (E.g. dusk, night, city setting - could use scapes settings)
    • Ability to change the texture of individual decals (Not just all decals)


    • More poses for driver which incorporate the car (E.g. sitting/standing on bonnet/roof like Rally/F1/Nascar drivers when celebrating after the race)
    • Ability to add multiple drivers with different driving gear (E.g. I could have Vettel and Leclerc celebrating together by their Ferrari cars - see split screen request below)
    • More cars available to include in photograph (E.g. it would be amazing if I could show off my entire 1966 Ford GT 40 Le Mans collection lined up on the start/finish straight at the Circuit de la Sarthe in one photo)

    Split Screen

    I love playing this game with my brother in split screen mode. We can't do this on the latest F1 games so we're glad Polyphony have kept this game mode

    • Ability to assign driving gear to the 2nd player (Imagine if you could recreate Senna v Prost but in Karts!). I have made my own team called Aeroform GP and have created driver gear (as well as car liveries) for myself and my brother (you can see by searching #lukedjw in scapes and race photos). It would be great if we could race in our own helmet and suit designs just like in real life but without the cost of buying the gear
    • Customisable races (E.g. add tyre wear and fuel depletion)
    • Ability to toggle through MFD (E.g. could adjust brake balance or power setting in a longer race)


    • Get rid of the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. I understand that it attempts to create a more cinematic feel but I want to see everything when onboard another car

    Sport Mode

    • 4 daily (Weekly) races should be on offer - adds more choice. Race 1 changes between N100-N500. Race 2 changes between N600-N1000-Gr.X (Karts). Race 3 changes between Gr.4-Gr.3. Race 4 changes between Gr.2-Gr.1. All race distances and grid start types can be changed each week.
    • If you drive a less popular/slower car in a race and do well (i.e. make up positions cleanly) you should recieve a bonus in credits and XP (E.g. if I'm the only competitor driving an Alfa Romeo, which on average might be the slowest car, and win I should be given a reward for being the underdog). This should encourage people to select more unusual cars to race in, which might be more fun and unpredictable!
    • In a Gr.1 race there needs to be either a choice of era (modern/classic) or a class system in the race between the two because modern cars have way more downforce

    Mileage Exchange

    • It would be great if there were more official colours on offer (E.g. Red Bull matte dark blue), however there are already so many to be satisfied with
    • More futuristic car wheels seen on concept cars
    • Funny driver poses
    • Driver poses that are similar to real drivers' celebrations (E.g. Michael Schumacher bouncing on the podium or Ayrton Senna holding the Brazilian flag - flag changes depending on driver's nationality)

    Penalty System

    I'll save the majority of this feedback for the rest of the Gran Turismo community (I know there is a lot!). I understand that currently it is difficult for programming to understand the nuance of human behaviour. But there is one thing I would like to mention:

    • When you corner cut or track extend for the first time you should be given a warning like in real life. If you corner cut or track extend again, you should be given a warning and a fall in your driver rating. If you corner cut or track extend for a third time, then you should be given a penalty
    • One more thing that bugs me is when you get a 5 second penalty for crashing into the barrier even though it slows you down. This has even happened to me when I was punted into the barrier


    • On the lightest of touches, if I bump another car in the rear they will gain so much more speed than I think is realistic. In addition, I will lose an exaggerated amount of speed. This becomes alarmingly clear when bump drafting and can be a problem when tapping another car in the breaking zone since the cars essentially don't have a crumple zone with this physics model
    • The slipstream effect I feel has now become too strong since the slipstreaming zone increased to 1.2 seconds. I felt 0.8 seconds felt more balanced, but since the update it has become harder to pull away from slower drivers

    Future Content

    Overall, I am amazed with the cars and tracks Polyphony Digital regularly adds to Gran Turismo Sport. I am always excited to learn a new fantasy track when they're added - subsequently increasing the enjoyment of my gaming experience. It is very often worth the monthly wait. But with the rich history of motorsport, there are always new things that could be added - which is a positive on the motorsport community! These are the things that I would love to be added in the (hopefully near) future:

    • DTM cars (classic and present). These could be in the Gr.2 category - adding more variety of choice. It would be cool to replicate the Super GT/DTM crossover from real life
    • Silverstone Circuit (GP layout, Stowe layout, National layout and International layout)
    • Spa-Francorchamps Circuit
    • Twin-Ring Motegi (Road Course, East Short Course Layout, West Short Course Layout and Super Speedway)
    • Daytona International Speedway (Superspeedway and Road Course)
    • Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Superspeedway and Road Course)
    • Stock Cars and Indycars (Would make racing around Super Speedways more fun)
    • Drag Racing Cars (Would make drag racing events in lobbys more interesting)
    • Create a new Gr.B spinoff category with Off-road buggies and trucks like the ones used in the Dakar Rally
    • Formula E cars (Gen 1 and Gen 2 cars. If I could only pick 1 it would definitely be Gen 2 cars). These cars could be a seperate category - make sure their liveries can be edited
    • Le Mans short layout (Used for MotoGP)
    • Barcelona short layout
    • British Touring Cars or World Touring Cars could be added to Gr.4 or be their own category
    • Classic cars from the 30s-60s (E.g. Classic Grand Prix cars such as Fangio's Mercedes W196 or Jim Clark's Lotus 49 etc)
    • More of your amazing fantasy tracks (a snow or ice track would be a nice addition)
    • Livery editor competitions would be fun
    • This would be a dream but an updated track path editor similar to the one on Gran Turismo 6 (The best part of that game!)
    • This would be another dream but bring back classic Gran Turismo tracks (E.g. Autumn Ring, Deep Forest, Eiger Nordwand, Trial Mountain, Apricot Hill Raceway, Mid-Field Raceway, Tokyo R246, London, Rome etc - the list is endless)


    I know it is very difficult and it would be a lot of work to make all of these improvements (I don't expect you to complete almost all of them anyway). This has just been me thinking about what could be improved/added after playing this game since December 2017. I hope I have been helpful. This isn't just a wish list for Gran Turismo Sport, but it has been a wish list for Gran Turismo 7, 8, 9 etc. Once again, thank you Polyphony Digital and Sony for creating such an extraordinary game - it has been most entertaining.

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  • gamesnlyt


    gamesnlyt 17 October, 2019 @ 00:56

    I would like bigger executive cars like 7series BMW 

    Mercedes Benz CLS AMG or an Audi A8 etc

    En more track including spa and Silverstone and maybe the possibility to free drive in parts of mountain roads in Japan for that street racing feel 


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  • everest-ben


    everest-ben 30 October, 2019 @ 05:44

    Hi guys, I am needing some help please. When I am racing online or off-line,  while I am full throttle, my cars are spluttering, and will not pick up revs. While racing. All the other cars come flying past me. I am racing with traction control off and can't understand what i am doing wrong. I have been racing online now for over a year with no problems and just the last 2 months this problem has occurred. And is very frustrating.  I have not changed any settings to warrant these changes and racing online has become very frustrating. Can anybody give me some advise on how to fix this please.

    I am racing with the g29 wheel if that helps.

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  • leito241178


    leito241178 03 November, 2019 @ 21:05
    ahojte....mam problem....po spusteni GT Sport naskoci cierna obrazovka a hra sa nespusti....v com je problem
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  • lukcasporer-lukc 05 November, 2019 @ 14:18
    Can you fix this pleas i buy 3 mounth of ps plus yust for gran  turismo sport  and now i can't play it.     eror    message :   A connection to the server could not be established                                               eror name -     [NE-21000EE]
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  • bajolientje


    bajolientje 12 November, 2019 @ 12:35
    Good day everyone 
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  • fabx_24


    fabx_24 29 November, 2019 @ 08:37

    Good day guys, Im having a problem. Im new to GT sport. I just installed it on my Ps4 and I cannot start the Campaign mode as i do not own any cars. 

    Now when i try to buy a car I get a pop up warning sayinf "your garage is full".

    Please help me I don't know what to do.

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  • tcoomer53


    tcoomer53 05 December, 2019 @ 02:14

    Over the past few weeks the TCS has been cutting in when it obviously shouldn't. This is seriously frustrating as it affects speed & revs and although a quick "blip" of the throttle usually cures ir for a few seconds it has already impacted in performance resulting in loss of momentum. This happening throught the rev range regardless of corners or on the starights.

    Can a fix be introduced to overcome the issue?

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  • marc_noah_11


    marc_noah_11 15 December, 2019 @ 13:37
    Iemand een goeie set up voor red bull ring wet?voor de BMW M6 walkenhorst.alvast bedankt!
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  • BE7GE17


    BE7GE17 18 December, 2019 @ 08:40

    I think that GT Sport having the new record breaker FWD car at the nurbergring, the renault megane rs trophy-R, would be a incredible addition

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  • ZECAQuintal


    ZECAQuintal 19 December, 2019 @ 22:07
    Os botões do comando e do volante g29 não estão a funcionar no jogo? Porquê? 
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  • dades1988


    dades1988 24 December, 2019 @ 11:55
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  • MarkIliev1979


    MarkIliev1979 30 December, 2019 @ 17:49
    Hi! How to activaty mechanical damage? Thank you!
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  • sebgar85


    sebgar85 01 January, 2020 @ 13:06
    Guys from Polyphony Digital should make some changes with car liveries download filtering options. I want to find popular liveries to concrete car but filtering is a joke, because it shows liveries only day by day. Why isn't possible to see all the best popular liveries only for example one concrete car??? 
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  • ELLISO_75


    ELLISO_75 04 January, 2020 @ 23:18

    How do apply other people's helmet/suit livery. 

    They're in my library but can't work out how to apply them. 

    Help much appreciated. 

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  • TheNoToRiouS-EU 09 January, 2020 @ 15:52

    Iconic Cars that should be in the game: i really cant believe they're not

    Bmw i8 ( Y the i3 and not the i8)

    Dodge challeger hellcat 2016 ( how is this not in the game??)

    Dodge challenger daytona, alfa romeo giulia, audi rs5, mercedes c63, ford sierra cosworth, bmw m8, Bentley continental,  tesla roadster 2020

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  • Stillfirm


    Stillfirm 26 January, 2020 @ 13:23

    Hi people

    my last experience of GT was on the PS2. It's moved on a bit. Anyone know how to give your other local racers (ie player 2) a name? I mean, they hop on to the PS4 with their profile but in arcade mode they only come up as player 2. So we can't record times and race results.  Also is there a way of setting up local leader boards for the individual tracks??

    hoping for some old school arcadeness 

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  • jimmyblackwell


    jimmyblackwell 28 January, 2020 @ 15:22
    Why oh why did they remove the penalty system? It's now a complete free for all. From 3k rating to 1 in a few races because of getting rammed off by idiots, bring the penalty system back, it might not have been perfect but at least it made the game somewhat playable. Right now it's not enjoyable at all.
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