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GT Sport

Severely increase collision penalties

Created 02/02/2019
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No racer who makes purposeful contact should be even allowed a chance to be relevant in any race. 

3 second penalties for completely wiping out a racer last lap doesnt do anything whatsoever.

Why havent any race games implemented permanent ban systems for this? Maybe lock online behind All Gold license testing because its ridiculous that I cant finish a single race without children slamming into me. 

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  • ashber100


    ashber100 03 February, 2019 @ 04:23


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  • Raybrig_


    Raybrig_ 03 February, 2019 @ 14:59

    Agree to some extent dude....problem with locking online behind all Gold Licence is a bit harsh on the slower cleaner drivers.


    I was taken out and turn 1 at Nurb Daily Race ....I ended up up to 6th and was hit again...finished last....stuff happens sometimes...if guys apologise then I'm ok with it.


    However it shouldn't to too difficult to make a penalty system that can telling the difference between intent and accidentally making contact and dishing out a ghost to the back of the field and then kicked off the race I'd they do it consistently. 


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  • viZual_jaikai


    viZual_jaikai 05 February, 2019 @ 20:06

    Im sick of it also... lost A dr to idiot's, now while trying to rank up again ive been demoted to b sr... people jusy wont stop dive bombing or hitting into you or just driving into you... 


    For thr firdt timr ever, i dont like what gt has become. Im 3rd for my manufacturer right now but with loss of rank i dont stand a chance. 


    Even if you report someone, nothing gets done! 

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  • Lancer_Evo_R


    Lancer_Evo_R 05 February, 2019 @ 20:53
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  • gavsta72


    gavsta72 06 February, 2019 @ 02:59

    Lucky I'm not playing, I ram other drivers off the road left right and centre. 


    Arcade racers F T W :TongueWink:

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  • phewitt21


    phewitt21 27 May, 2019 @ 09:28

    I think this a thread who’s sentiment is shared on many forums, Polyphony cannot fix the problems we all know are in the game, this is not a brand spanking new game engine with those logic elements engrained in code this is GT6 game engine with major upgrades to make it Work,   Polyphony know the faults but have shown zero interest in fixing them, they don’t engage with their user base to explain why the issues are allowed to stay in the game.  


    In in the daily races they have put in the penalty line forcing you to take a penalty - they have not fixed whether the penalty is fair or not

    giving 3 or 5 seconds for pushing someone off the track isn’t fair at all especially when the game would know if you have braked deliberately later than you should, they could be stronger on ghosting but how many times have you driven into a ghosted car that re-materializes just as you pass it - poor implementation.

    I'm frustrated with the game - it borders on absolute greatness but too often comes across to me as a half hearted effort by the developer, let’s tick boxes rather than build that perfect racer.  

    ‘I hope if there is a follow game Polyphony don’t develop else will be more of the same

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