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GT Sport

RE: Thomas Midgley, jr.

Created 05/05/2019
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On the main screen there's this caroussel of scapes images and museum entries and such, among them I noticed a slate detailing the life of Thomas Midgley jr. (1889-1944).


The thing is,Thomas Midgley jr was not a nice man. In fact it could be argued he is the individual responsible for the most damage done, by a wide margin. Not only was he responsible for millions of tons of lead being dug out of the soil and spewed into the atmosphere, he also nearly annihilated the ozone layer. I thought that caroussel was a sort of honorable mentions, famous people who should be revered, but I guess I was mistaken. At the very least, if it is decided to keep the slate with his info in the game, write what he's done so everyone will know his legacy.

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  • Divine-Decree


    Divine-Decree 09 May, 2019 @ 17:37
    Pretty sure the U.S's 900 nuclear detonations had a much larger impact on the world but hey, if you wanna shed a tear at every Top Gear rerun knock yourself out.
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