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GT Sport

New penalty system is non existent !

Created 14/01/2020
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The new penalty system that dropped a few days ago is a joke ! It's dodgem cars out there 


I've passed for first place on the final lap final turn and the guy I passed has purposely smashed into me and spun me without penalty 


GT Sports new penalty system isn't fostering racing, it's fostering a smash derby 


Makes me not want to race 

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  • RenegadeXtreme


    RenegadeXtreme 14 January, 2020 @ 12:32

    It wasn't a new penalty system that came with last weeks update. It was a fix to the December update where players were getting random collision penalties for no contact at all or very light contact. 

    There's still exploites to the penalty system from onths ago where players can use it to give other players penalties. That's what needs fixed still.

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  • zefthebestofcour 14 January, 2020 @ 17:39
    Just like "Boosh" stated.. and very well.. the result for that so called "fix" is just like practically having no Penalizaton system... practically... including the so called exploits.. that now are almost not even needed... resultimg in no Penalization.. in practically every contact between cars...
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  • Spannshouse


    Spannshouse 08 February, 2020 @ 10:53
    It's bloody ridiculous. I have seen and also been given so many unfair penalties. Recently I just got rear ended and he went off the track and I got a 2 second penalty for it. Absolute joke! Sort your shit out gt sport! 
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