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GT Sport

New GT Sport Update coming - March 5th

Created 23/02/2019
3 Replies

Once again, courtesy of a tweet from Kazunori, we have confirmation of the latest update arriving early March.


And along with the tweet, what has now become the traditional silhouette tease, showing us the 5 cars heading our way.


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Thread Replies

  • Raybrig_


    Raybrig_ 23 February, 2019 @ 15:59


    McLaren Mercedes 

    McLaren F1 GTR 



    Now if #GVS was in the update I might actually lose my mind...not fussed about the cars...


    It's free so thank you very much !

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  • skells22


    skells22 23 February, 2019 @ 19:47

    And I think I know what this might trigger, a new track of some sort 

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  • Sjc-alpha


    Sjc-alpha 28 February, 2019 @ 07:21

    If only PD would would put as much effort into improving the AI or even making the HUD customisable to your own preference.

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