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GT Sport

Improvements for GT Sport

Created 27/06/2019
2 Replies

Hello, I have good improvements for the GT Sport development team ..

Desirable improvements (important!) - menus without load times (see button) - button -> select event as in driving school, missions and track experience (missing for individual races, time trials and drift races) - GT League mode - professional league / the prize money indicated contains errors in the professional league. You do not receive the prize money indicated, it then affects the overall progress, because of the progress of the driver level 40 and 50 (trophy maintenance)  - Synchronization problems with driven routes (missions, route experiences), driven routes .. the laps and / or route times were partially not taken over. The friends, who are in the possession of GT Sport, could not see mine and partly also I their times. Between 2017 and the end of 2018, we noticed more and more that the GT Sport servers had no connection, there were crashes and short failures while we drove on the track. These were not saved properly and the results were lost. We're driving the tracks again to set new times. It's quite a hassle, though we have a lot of fun with it. Possible improvements (would be fantastic!) - Rewind function as in F1 (possibly) With Video / Lap Save - the option to be able to see your own driving style during the race, because the mental mode only partially helps, because the mind is usually in front of or behind you while driving. Tip: Please insert a rewind function, which can be turned on and off like with the ghost mode. (at driving school and the track experiences) as well at the online races / friendlies (lobby)


Update: 06/29/2019

#1 can select both in GT League mode when selecting tracks.

- Change wagons 
- Change track (or install the event button in the main view of all routes per league) 
-> as with the driving school and the track experiences

#2 After selecting a track block (category) in the respective league have an overview of the times or which route you have already driven


Update 07/12/2019

- a dynamic driving or racing  line (as with F1 from 2011)


Many Greetings!   They like to answer .. I am glad.

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Thread Replies

  • Sjc-alpha


    Sjc-alpha 28 June, 2019 @ 10:20
    In GT League mode the prize money is 'estimated', you'll see this next to the prize figure. The money is based on your car and if you handicap it, if you handicap it you get more, over powered you get less. There is also the stupid 'clean race bonus' which needs removing.
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  • RenegadeXtreme


    RenegadeXtreme 28 June, 2019 @ 12:08

    Lot's of good improvements you hve listed. There's a few I can address........

    • menus without loading times - We all want this, but it's something limited to the the hardware. So we won't see it in GT Sport. But looks like a strong possibility with the next console generation.
    • GT League Prize Money - The prize money isn't always what is displayed because it can vary depending on what car you are using compared to the other cars in the race. As an example, If it's an N300 race. You'll get more prize money if you use an N200 car, than if you use an N300 car.
    • Synchronziation issues in missions - Several times over the lifespan of GT Sport, updates have introduced new simulation and tyre models. During this process, times have been reset. So all previously recorded times will have been lost.
    • Rewind Mode - A good addition to a racing game. But if you are looking to pause and rewind time to correct a mistake you made. It definitely happen in online lobbies. However, if you are looking for instant replays when viewing lobby races. You can do this already with the help of a keyboard. Wish we could have this fubction in recorded replays.
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