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GT Sport

GT Sport Cars Request

Created 08/05/2019
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I will get right to the thing..

I hoping, ... and its my wish... to find in game early some old classic racing monsters, that are not in game yet.... like Alfa 155 DTM, Opel Calibra DTM.... 

and iam not alone i think who waiting for these legends... that was almost in all series included.... iam still waiting for my beauty BMW M3 GTR E46 2001 .... please GTS team... add this one to GR3 category ASAP....  iam waiting for M3GTR E46 from when this game came out to the world... and i think there will be much more ppl that feels this same as me... still iam dissapointed its not in brand central :( ... please give us these monsters what belongs to Gran Turismo, and they still not found way in...

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