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GT Sport

GT Sport bug thread ?

Created 26/04/2019
11 Replies

Hi there,

a while ago, gtplanet told me that the official playstation forums used to have a bug thread that would be frequently visited by Polyphony´s staff, I´m new to the forum, and I haven´t really found the former bug thread yet. ( because of the new layout ?)
So my question to the admins and all the others : Should this become the new bug thread or is there something planned via the admins ?

kind regards.

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  • RenegadeXtreme


    RenegadeXtreme 27 April, 2019 @ 09:59
    Ah hello there. You've came to the forums at an interesting time. The PlayStation forums are currently transitioning to a new forum platform (this is it). So thngs are a bit all over the place while we fix everything. We did have a bug report thread. But it's been lost in the transition. We do have plans for reporting and keeping track of bugs hen full functionality returns to the forums. But for now, we can use you're thread.
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  • extraonion


    extraonion 27 April, 2019 @ 22:46

    Alright then, let´s get this started. Here are the bugs that I have found so far and like to see get fixed:

    The misaligned cockpit camera

    The cockpit view camera in some cars (haven´t checked them all) is not setup behind middle of the steering wheel. Take a look at the original Honda NSX ( The small red circle I put around the the tiny red dot located in the exact middle of the screen should align with the middle of the Honda badge from the steering wheel. I find this to be so irritating, that I don´t use these cars.

    Here are the following cars from the top of my head that currently suffer from the misaligned camera view :

    1. Honda NSX Type R '92

    2. Peugeot 208 GTi by Peugeot Sport '14

    3. Audi R8 4.2 FSI R tronic '07

    4. BMW Z8 '01

    5. Toyota TS030 Hybrid '12


    The library bug

    Please correct me if I´m wrong. But the maximum amount of car liveries you can safe on your profile is exactly a 1000, correct ? Sport only allows me to have 881 liveries, I can´t safe any more than that, this very bug is affecting me for over two years now ! In addition to this, I would like to remind Polyphony Digital that Sport has entered it´s third year since its release and the amount of the created liveries for cars keeps growing and growing and yet, we´re still "only" allowed to have a 1000 liveries in the library. Why is that ?











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  • extraonion


    extraonion 21 May, 2019 @ 22:41

    Hey guys,

    I found more cars that suffer from the misaligned cockpit camera view and a few other things, so I thought I would "revivie" this thread. I was kinda hoping that this thread would be more active so others could confirm bugs and so on. Anyway, here are the cars with faulty cockpit camera setups :


    - Honda Fit Hybrid '14

    - Porsche 962 C '88 (Very noticeable !)

    - Abarth 500 '09

    - Toyota 86 Gr.4

    - Lexus LC500 '17

    - Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo  

    - Lamborghini Diablo GT '00

    - Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01


    - Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo

    - Ferrari LaFerrari '13

    - Toyota TS050 - Hybrid (Toyota Gazoo Racing) '16


    Other bugs:

    - The 2014 BMW M4 Coupe suffers from flickering tachometer needles

    - The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 '11 doesn´t acclerate well, the engine stutters !

    - The Renault Sport R.S.01 GT3 '16 rev counter does not match with the rev counter provided by the HUD


    @RenedadeXtreme, sometime ago you and I spoke about the lacking communication issue by PD. If I remember correctly, you were trying to get in touch with a higher-up from Sony (or was is Polyphony?) to deal with this. Any news on that, or have they forsaken us ?

    In addition to this, is this forum still in a transitioning phase ?

    kind regards



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  • Sjc-alpha


    Sjc-alpha 25 May, 2019 @ 11:19

    Some things;

    1) In Gr3 events and the endurance, all German cars are driven by Greeks, every time since last update.

    2) Audi R8 still not an opponent in any Gr3 event.

    3) Frame rate issues still at Mount Panorama at the first corner and the right hander coming out of the chase.

    4) AI is still obscenely bad


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  • Sjc-alpha


    Sjc-alpha 27 May, 2019 @ 15:13

    To add to my post.

    I've found all Gr 3 cars have there own nationality drivers driving them. i.e. Jaguar is a British driver, the only exceptio is German makes which are all driven by Greek nationality drivers, what's going on ?

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  • Sjc-alpha


    Sjc-alpha 31 May, 2019 @ 15:42

    New update not fixed previous issues I see.

    Plus, blue flages are still utterly useless and pointless

    Sand/gravel traps don't work on the AI

    Don't get the picture of your car when game is loading race anymore, haven't done for many months actually

    The cursor is always in bottom right hand corner when going to main screen

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  • Sjc-alpha


    Sjc-alpha 13 June, 2019 @ 18:07

    I haven't noticed the AI doing the stupid sharp left then right when entering the Monzapitlane in the Gr.3 endurance race. Not sure if this is fixed or even if it is and when.


    Please PD can you make back markers stick to one side of the track and not 'on or of the racing line' as is the case now. This makes the AI weave across the track, utterly stupid, even more so when you have the etiquette video.

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  • Sjc-alpha


    Sjc-alpha 22 June, 2019 @ 13:34

    The AI when spinning and nearly or do go off track immediately come straight back onto racing line irrespective of what's coming, really stupid. Even more stupid considering there is the etiquette video.

    Still many areas of the tracks where the AI just hit you to know you are there, back straight of Garden Trails gardens for instance.


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  • Sjc-alpha


    Sjc-alpha 23 June, 2019 @ 13:44

    The AI don't give enough room when moving over to give you the racing line, they give a car's width and that's it, sometimes this includes the kerbs which is OFF the race track.

    More room is needed please.

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  • Sjc-alpha


    Sjc-alpha 23 June, 2019 @ 18:41
    When you hit a wall or barrier you always end up facing the way you came, this was a complaint in the very first game 20 years ago and still here.
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