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GT Sport

Copyrights on Scapes images

Created 14/02/2019
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Can anyone enlighten me what, where or how to get information on copyrights regarding pictures we create in Scapes on GT Sport please?


Can we use them privately, can we sell them - ie print and sell etc etc???


Thank you for any information.

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  • TheStill


    TheStill 14 February, 2019 @ 11:10

    Polyphony Digital owns the copyright or have licensed all images in the game.


    So any screenshots you take will be derivatives of that work. In other words you don't own the copyright to that work.


    Could you share your screenshots with anybody. Yes. 


    Could you sell one of your screenshots. Technically no but they are not going to chase you for the £20 or so you may make.


    If you started making a lot of money then you could expect to get served a copyright infringement notice.

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  • Lightbearer155


    Lightbearer155 14 February, 2019 @ 12:06

    Thanks for the info, appreciated.


    So they have the full rights to our creativity, I see.


    Would you know someone I could contact to speak to regarding using the images, ie pay royalties or whatever and use the images.



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  • Mr_Tibblez


    Mr_Tibblez 14 February, 2019 @ 14:53

    I'm not sure it is as clearcut as is making it out to be. It's a murky pool, that copyright soup. Normally the copyright owner is the one who pushes the button to create the image. Even if the image is of a copyrighted product. A few years ago there was a court case about copyright of a picture taken by a monkey or ape of some kind, had stolen the camera and made a selfie. Also, there's been cases where paparazzi have sued celebrities for lost income when they had (re)tweeted images of themselves taken by paparazzi's. So, without having a legal degree, I'd say you have a right to publish material recorded by you.As for earning money from it, I dunno. I suppose it depends how much you make. Either way, I'd urge caution, as even talking to lawyers can be expensive, not to mention actually going to court.

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  • Lightbearer155


    Lightbearer155 14 February, 2019 @ 15:56

    So basically you pay for something then have to give away your rights, to anything, to use the thing you have paid for, but they have the right to use your work that you have paid for, for free. Fascinating.


    Thanks for the input guys, greatly appreciated.

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  • Lightbearer155


    Lightbearer155 15 February, 2019 @ 07:38

    The way I see it they are selling you a Canvass ( Car ) paint brushes and paint ( livery editor ) and  you pay for it. So like an artist you buy these things then create a painting ( funky car design ) with said tools. Like the art shop has no rights to your art work - because they only sold you the tools, so Polyphony has no right to my artwork or it's copyright, and I am not an employee as I have no contract with them or earn a salary from them either - that's bogus take a chance legal BS to force you to accept their T&C's just to use something you have already paid for.

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  • MokoKurukaze


    MokoKurukaze 15 February, 2019 @ 21:13

    If you make a picture with their photo tools (which are actually more elaborated than the racing engine/ui ATM) and export it, they add the "GT" logo. IIRC if you did the same in GT6, they added a copyright line into the image. So that is "their" stance on it.


    The there is the "fair use" regulation so many youtubers "rely" on. Problem - AFAIR the fair use regualtion only applies if there is no money made from the resulting "product", but lots of the youtubers actually make money (even if it's just a few peanuts evey 100 clicks or something) with linlomg adds to their "products". Do they get sued? Usually not. That's how they "act" from their stance.


    And that is where problems start from the law's POV. In some countries there are/have been rules that copyright can't be enforced any longer if there are enough cases of copyright violations ignored by the copyright holder. In some countries the "fair use" system is backed more by laws/governments giving companies less room for lawsuits. And in some countries parts of the ToS/EULA are simply not legal and thus, ignored in lawsuits. That is why ToS texts usually feature the "if a paragraph or parts of this ToS is legally not applying, the other parts are untouched"-sort of passage near the end.


    So is it legal to claim copyright on some of the works you did? Possibly in some countries all over the world, any more likely in Europe than in the US or Japan. And looking at the work companies do in fields of c.... "political sponsoring" when it comes to copyrights etc. it's probably subject to change in any of these countries.... soon ;)

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