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Dreams Creator Early Access is now live on the PS Store

Created 17/04/2019
3 Replies

It's here! Right here in fact:

Dream Anything Play Everything!

Make games, music, movies, art… and anything imaginable in an ever-expanding universe of creativity.

Jump into Early Access now to get hands-on with the powerful Dreams creator tools ahead of the full game launch.

Learn how to get started and pick up top tips from a series of in-depth tutorials and masterclass videos.

Remix arcade content into your own creations – and play a host of inventive mini-games that will spark your imagination.

You can share your ideas with the online community and collaborate with other creators as the game develops.

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Thread Replies

  • NOZonline


    NOZonline 15 May, 2019 @ 22:57

    This thread is very quiet I don’t know why when Dreams is already something special even at a early access stage.

    Its stagers me that there’s seaming no end to some people’s talent.

    Dreams is not a game per-say more a masterpiece of masterpiece’s.

    Think all you can do is arcadey games, mini games?

    Think again! 

    When more of the community get into Dreams I would like for us to get an OPC event going with a challenge each week much like the existing community jam but with an end goal of a OPC collaboration.

    Shame photo upload is not working as I have a free trophy for all you hunters out there and yes it’s Platinum!

    My first real attempt at sculpting is here and re-mixable.

    oh ok links don’t work... it’s a copy paste job the I guess.


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  • Zer3XPRO


    Zer3XPRO 27 September, 2019 @ 17:12

    Dreams   are  beautiful because dreams are things that you achieve .Evrone has a dream. I hope you have a dream that is nice . I have a dream to be a youtuber .I have a youtube Chanel its called zerXPRO plz make my dream a sucsess

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  • WhiteMonkey88


    WhiteMonkey88 07 October, 2019 @ 13:26

    This board seems popular....

    Anyone found any cool creations from the early access players? Share them with the rest of us! 
    Anyone actually here?

    I've seen a couple of Crash Bandicoot ones. This is probably my favourite one.

    Some dodgy Tomb Raider (Toon Raider)

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