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PS4 support on Discord

Created 04/05/2019
7 Replies
Please let us connect our account on Discord. I would like to see what my friends are playing.
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  • WinnieP


    WinnieP 12 June, 2019 @ 08:55
    Considering they delete Discords links posted here, I'm guessing this'll never happen. 
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  • LordRoss


    LordRoss 12 June, 2019 @ 09:42

    You can see what your friends are playing on the PS4 already or even via My PlayStation (top right of this website) or via the PlayStation app.

    @winnie: I don't think users spamming discord links on a Forum will have any effect on Discord being utilised or not being utilised by PlayStation in anyway. It's not like Discord themselves are the culprits lol.

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  • GraphiteGB


    GraphiteGB 12 June, 2019 @ 11:08

    After the announcement that PSN chat is being Improved this will final kill off any discord use for PSN consoles...

    SIE has tried to sell off PSN chat for other provideds in the past but with SIE having to pay up to improve PSN chat it loos like other systems will not be useable...

    With second screen app supporting Voice to text and text to voice in USA also planned...
    The other chat services won't be linked....

    As stated PSN alllready has what are friends playing on Apps on mobile, and they have it on this very forum... and on


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  • TheStill


    TheStill 12 June, 2019 @ 11:22

    At this stage in the ps4 life cycle i wouldn't expect to see any new features or apps. It would be great if we did but i suspect the development will be shifting over to the ps5 soon. 

    Actually thinking about it now there hasn't been any new features added for a while now. The last major update was pretty much a "system stability" update and gave us nothing. 

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  • dannyjt


    dannyjt 12 June, 2019 @ 18:14
    I've heard the people that designed these forums is working on the new chat.
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  • GraphiteGB


    GraphiteGB 13 June, 2019 @ 19:41

    PSN chat update...

    16 peps...

    beta now live...

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