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It's about time Sony fixed this forum.

Created 15/12/2019
5 Replies

Seriously this current forum is a pile of ­čĺę.

Not fit for purpose it needs a restart. 

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  • gavsta72


    gavsta72 15 December, 2019 @ 09:53
    Maybe they'll fix it in time for the PS5 release, or close them. They closed the ANZ forum just after the PS4 release, and that was when they just started to pick up again *whaa whaa*
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  • GraphiteGB


    GraphiteGB 15 December, 2019 @ 11:56

    Depends on what this forums purpuse actual is now....
    They removed / got rid off Direct access to low level SIEE staff... before while still on lithium...
    SIEE developers Don't use forums they use social media and Discord for direct user feedback and those were allready set up...


    If the forum is just to be a place were a user who used google to get help does not need  to read and navigate through spam topics ang gets directed to support topic then its done its job...

    Even SIEA staff use discord not there own SIEA forum to chat so expect SIEE is the same so they won't post notifications in a private section here...



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  • dannyjt


    dannyjt 15 December, 2019 @ 21:39
    If they do that, they might bring back nesting :<
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  • gavsta72


    gavsta72 16 December, 2019 @ 09:42
    Are they fixed yet :/
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  • TheStill


    TheStill 16 December, 2019 @ 10:28

    Oh god don't give them any more ideas of stuff they need to fix. ­čśé

    Last time they said they were going to "fix" the forums we ended up here in a forum with no features. ­čśş

    If they try and fix it again we will probably end up in a cave with some ancient drawings that we need to decipher. ­čśë

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