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help please. beta forums

Created 14/06/2019
10 Replies
hello can any one please help me. i no longer have the link to get on to the closed beta forums. could some one please put the link on here please. everything has changed  lol. 
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Thread Replies

  • WinnieP


    WinnieP 14 June, 2019 @ 21:03

    I believe it doesn't exist at the mo. 

    Actually 🤔 I did see a thing at one point where was that?

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  • WhiteMonkey88


    WhiteMonkey88 14 June, 2019 @ 22:33
    Did you get an email for the beta of 16 player parties? The link to the Beta forum is in there.
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  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina 15 June, 2019 @ 11:26

    You know I tweeted a code for the beta @WinnieP? 

    There were 19 redemptions left on it, no idea now, nobody replied to say they'd used it. 

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  • michelle_tabor


    michelle_tabor 15 June, 2019 @ 13:33

    I thought it hadn't been created yet, if it ever will.

    If I have to sign up for a party chat thing that I'll never use then sod it tbh.

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  • GraphiteGB


    GraphiteGB 15 June, 2019 @ 15:48

    Firmware 6.80 beta Will have been emailed to SIEE private group as normal, joe public get codes in extra to the private group...

    You will have been given access to the beta forums because you will have been sent the email...

    The Email DOES contain the beta forum link as all SIEE Private beta forum users would have had access any way... joe public like the OP are extra users...


    Those who suffer due to there normal account email address being blocked/ spam dumped / server rejected will not have the link because there emails never get to there in box...

    but that does not stop them simply asking there friends in the private group via PSN chat for the beta URL...  ( Given the URL via PSN text chat allready to two peps via Private PSN messages)

    The beta section for firmware 6.80 is the only private section on the URL..



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  • michelle_tabor


    michelle_tabor 15 June, 2019 @ 20:53

    I haven't been emailed the firmware 6.8 stuff or been given any information and I am (or was before the forum changed) a beta tester.

    I was getting beta test emails before.

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  • BiosNova


    BiosNova 24 June, 2019 @ 22:21

    Same here, I see there is a new "beta community" link in the Part Chat testing emails though. 

    It's sad to see the old beta forums vanish, along with our Beta badges! Perhaps something can be sorted in the near future, but to be honest the beta program was not what it once was. It's peak was around 2008-2011 I would say. After that it slowly died down, with longtime members still coming back to chat every now and then.

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  • TheStill


    TheStill 25 June, 2019 @ 08:15

    Apparently there will be a new beta section but after this section becomes functional. But given how long they've been working on this part of the forum i guess there is very few people working on it.

    The firmware board is not even protected anybody with the link can just walk right in with no questions asked. So i wouldn't expect to see that done until next year. 

    As for betas they have become promotional items now. Pre order our game and get access to the beta. That way even if the beta is real bad they don't care as they already have your money. Where as before if a demo was bad you just didn't buy the game. 

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  • mont348


    mont348 25 June, 2019 @ 09:40
    I think Ubisoft beta program is the next best thing to our closed beta system, you do have sign up unlike these promotional pre-order none betas that are actually server stress tests for EA and Activision etc. 
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