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Half Life: Alyx

Created 21/11/2019
3 Replies

It only took 12 years, but a new Half-Life game has finally been announced!


It's a VR game releasing on PC and will support most headsets and motion controllers. Game is out March 2020.


I think it looks fantastic, the interaction with objects looks unbelievable and can't wait to be ripping headcrabs off my face. Wouldn't surprise me if there's a port for the PS5 and PSVR2 at some point.

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Thread Replies

  • gavsta72


    gavsta72 21 November, 2019 @ 21:07
    Good game that. "The Orange Box" was one of the first PS3 games i bought
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  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina 22 November, 2019 @ 07:17

    It does look pretty awesome. I never played the originals on console, I played them all on PC, those and Portal were huge games for me at the time.

    Okay, it's not HL3, but I'd be very happy to see this hit PSVR . I know you can use 3rd party software to use the PSVR on pc, but it seems a bit pointless if you have to use kb+m so here's hoping for a port some time.

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  • U_n_y_o_n


    U_n_y_o_n 23 November, 2019 @ 06:50

    Time traveller: "I have here a device that can play any game from any moment in time. Would you like to play a game?"

    Present day gamer: "Half Life."

    Time traveller: "Episode one or episode two?"

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