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Granblue Fantasy: Versus - Closed Beta Test

Created 16/05/2019
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Hey all!

With the current PS Beta system in flux, I thought this may interest some members.

Cygames are currently seeking beta sign-up's for their upcoming fighting game Granblue Fantasy: Versus in conjunction with iconic developers Arc System Works. The requirements are as follows;

  1. A PlayStation 4.
  2. An active PlayStation Plus subscription.
  3. A PSN account in either EU, US or Japan region.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, you can find the sign-up form at:

Selected applicants will be notified on May 27th.
I've reached out to the team, and they've said they'll supply me with 5 PlayStation 4 codes, so if you don't get selected by May 27th, reach out to me.

Here's a trailer to give you a taste of the gameplay:

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Thread Replies

  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina 16 May, 2019 @ 07:14

    Oh, I played the first couple in this series years ago, they were pretty good as I recall.


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  • A2GMAN


    A2GMAN 16 May, 2019 @ 11:51
    u think this game will be free to play?
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  • EchoZeppeli


    EchoZeppeli 28 May, 2019 @ 04:19

    Thanks so much for your offer!

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  • machine3


    machine3 28 May, 2019 @ 17:51
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  • Syph33r


    Syph33r 29 May, 2019 @ 14:34
    If anyone missed out on codes, I now have 5 or so to give out.
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