Something for the Weekend?

Remember the golden age of holding cardboard up to the TV to protect your split screen activities?

Yeah, we miss that too!

There’s actually loads of local multiplayer games on PS4, but they can be hard to find. So we’re putting together an ever evolving list of them and will be regularly suggesting our current faves.

It’s also a great way to reclaim the living room when your partner, friends or family aren’t as into gaming.

So these suggestions cover a whole bunch of playing abilities.

Time to join forces


There’s no I in team, but there is in “besties”! Buddy up and work together in these co-op capers. Awww, how lovely.

Suitable for: spending time with your best pals or your kids.

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Fun party games anyone can play


For when you’re drunk… on life! Games to play with a whole bunch of people that aren’t too tricky.

Suitable for: simple fun with those that don’t know their triangle from their square.

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Square off against each other


A bit of friendly competition is good for the soul! … or something.

Suitable for: friends or sometimes your family (just make sure you’re better than them before suggesting it.)

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Taking turns + story experiences


These can be single-player games that are great to experience with your partner. We see them as an alternative to movie night. Or, there’s plenty of games where you’re likely to die quickly, these mean you can pass the controller and both be entertained.

Suitable for: your partner or a housemate.

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Take your pick

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From co-op to competitive, party games to shared story experiences, there's something for you and whoever you're spending time with.

Find out more about the games or head to PlayStation Store to download in time for the weekend.