The best racing games on PS4 & PS5

Rev your engine for our rundown of great racing games available for your inner speed demon.

Kart racing games

Powered up and over the top

Race as colorful and cartoon-like characters on tracks pulled straight out of wild imaginations.

Team Sonic Racing

Players: 1-4 offline, 2-12 online

Jump into the driver’s seat with Sonic and friends (and enemies) in this arcade-style kart racer offering unique team-based mechanics.

  • Work together in up to four teams of three to achieve the best finishes, boosting each other around vibrant tracks and using sharing power-ups to help those bringing up the rear.
  • Select your driver from three character types: speed, technique and power. Each racer has their own unique abilities, so mix your team up strategically to benefit from complementary traits.
  • Ram opponents on the track to fill your team’s Ultimate Meter and gain extra speed for everyone, timing its activation to cross the line before your rivals.
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Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Players: 1-4 offline, 2-8 online

Naughty Dog’s exciting Crash Team Racing kart racer of 1999 is back with remastered visuals and additional vehicles and tracks. Mixing 1990s game feel with modern console presentation, Nitro-Fueled is the best way to revisit a high-speed classic.

  • Jump behind the wheel for thrilling and chaotic races featuring a wide cast of characters from the Crash Bandicoot series. All the original courses, drivers, power-ups and weapons are here, looking and playing better than ever.
  • Use retro-styled skins to turn Crash, Coco and Dr Neo Cortex into 1999 versions of themselves and powerslide around the circuits using retro-themed karts.
  • Compete against online rivals on global leaderboards or keep the action closer to home with local multiplayer racing supporting up to four players via split screen.
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KartRider: Drift

Players: 1 offline, 2-8 online

This free-to-play kart racer offers different gameplay options and a wealth of character customization covering both driver and vehicle.

  • Choose your mode of play: Speed Mode offers precision controls and an advanced drifting system, while Item Mode adds power-ups to the track, so racers can use rocket launchers, water bombs and more to gain an advantage.
  • Pick from a wide variety of kart components, including decals, tires and boosters, to create your perfect racing machine.
  • Cross-play support covers PC and mobile, so it’s easy to play for free with friends.
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Disney Speedstorm

Players: 1-4 offline*, 2-8 online

Classic characters from Disney and Pixar go head-to-head in this free-to-play combat racing extravaganza which offers regular updates.

  • Play as Disney and Pixar favorites including Mickey Mouse, Baloo, Mulan, Captain Jack Sparrow and more, making use of each racer’s unique skills to achieve first place.
  • Precision controls give you the power to drift elegantly around corners and hit your boosts at just the right time – but you’ll have to adapt to dynamic track environments to succeed.
  • Customize the look of your racer and their kart, changing suits, wings and more, and upgrade stats as you progress to become the ultimate competitor.

*1-4 players offline on PS5, 1-2 players offline on PS4

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Realistic simulator games

Just like the real thing

Take to circuits modelled after familiar locations, using cars that handle as closely as possible to the real deal, playing as officially licensed drivers and teams.

F1 24

Players: 1-2 offline, 2-22 online

Take control of updated 2024 season F1 cars using the official lineup of 20 drivers across 10 teams in the latest instalment of Codemasters’ fully licensed racing series.

  • Take on the all-new Driver Career mode or create your own team in My Team Career Mode, racing to the podium and the championship against world-renowned F1 organizations.
  • Compete against friends in local split-screen play or take advantage of cross-platform online multiplayer and challenge the world in Racenet Leagues.
  • EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling gives players a sense of authentic handling and physics, and improvements for F1 24 give you increased control over how your driving style impacts your car’s performance.

F1 24 is released for PS5 and PS4 on 31st May 2024

Gran Turismo 7

Players: 1-2 offline, 2-20 online

The Real Driving Simulator has something for everyone, be they a committed and competitive racer or a casual driver looking for immediate thrills.

  • Enjoy an incredible array of game modes, including Arcade, GT Campaign and Driving School. Simulation Mode allows you to tune every detail of your chosen car, and split-screen allows for tense local multiplayer showdowns.
  • Collect, tune and race over 420 cars, from classic motors to cutting-edge supercars, each captured in unrivalled detail and possessing unique handling models.
  • The DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive triggers have you feeling your anti-lock brakes and wheel spins, while haptic feedback puts every bump in the tarmac and the groove of the kerb at the tips of your fingers.
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MotoGP 24

Players: 1-2 offline, 2-12 online

Challenge yourself across MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 categories in this new two-wheeled thrill ride, featuring official rosters and tracks from real-world competition.

  • Dive into Career Mode to become a MotoGP legend, rising from humble beginnings to triumphant highs. Build your reputation and navigate rivalries as you make your way to the top.
  • Riders can now transfer between teams, shuffling the pack and presenting twists across the course of a season.
  • Use the MotoGP 24 Academy to learn how to ride in style, and the game’s adaptive difficulty can tailor the experience to your liking, ensuring beginners can get around a circuit without sliding off the tarmac.
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EA Sports WRC

Players: 1 offline, 2-32 online

From the team that developed the award-winning Dirt Rally series comes a brand-new official game of the FIA World Rally Championship.

  • Over 25 years of Codemasters’ rally gaming heritage have gone into this title, which puts players behind the wheels of WRC, WRC2 and Junior WRC cars from the 2023 season, with official drivers, teams and liveries.
  • Design and drive your own dream rally car with Builder Mode and rewrite the modern history of the sport with Moments Mode.
  • Codemasters’ most-advanced multi-surface handling model will test your driving talents across dirt, snow and asphalt, with surface degradation adding to the realism.
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Open-world racing games

Enjoy the ride

Explore wide open highways and off-road excursions in games that offer competition when and where you want it.

The Crew Motorfest

Players: 1 offline, 2-32 online

The latest chapter of this open-world driving series takes players to the gorgeous island setting of Hawaii’s O’ahu for racing that goes well beyond the tarmac.

  • The diverse playground of O’ahu is yours to explore, from the city streets of Honolulu to dirt tracks cutting through dense rainforests and treacherous mountain roads.
  • Play solo or form a crew in online multiplayer to take on races together. Hundreds of licensed vehicles can be accessed, so whatever your taste in motors, there’s something for you.
  • And when getting behind the wheel of an automobile isn’t enough, step outside of your comfort zone to control boats and pilot planes, offering all-new perspectives on this expansive open world.
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Burnout Paradise Remastered

Players: 1 offline, 2-8 online

Revisit Paradise City in this gloriously remastered version of the 2008 hit. Tear through city streets and mountain roads alike, taking on races and challenges when they suit you.

  • Progress at your own pace, building your experience across extreme stunts, taking out rivals, and boosting to first-place finishes. Marvel at extreme takedowns as cars crumple and tumble out of contention.
  • Start events by pulling up at the lights and spinning your wheels. Don’t want to race? Just enjoy the ride as you listen to a soundtrack featuring LCD Soundsystem, Alice in Chains, Faith No More and (naturally) Guns N’ Roses.
  • Remastered contains DLC for the original game, including extra vehicles and a new location to explore and conquer, Big Surf Island.
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Lego 2K Drive

Players: 1-2 offline, 2-6 online

Race over streets, seas and sand in dream rides made entirely from Lego bricks in this colorful open world of quirky characters and bizarre challenges.

  • Build your own vehicles – for road, water and offroad – in the Garage, using easy-to-follow tutorials or by freestyling your brick creation however your imagination sees fit.
  • Take on and beat rivals as you drift and boost your way from rookie status to the winner of the coveted Sky trophy.
  • Bricklandia can be explored solo or with friends via local multiplayer or online with cross-platform play that supports up to five minifigure pals.
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Need for Speed Unbound

Players: 1 offline, 2-16 online

The famous racing series gets an injection of vibrant color in this entry which embraces a visual style that brings graffiti to life and pairs it with realistic vehicles.

  • Discover Lakeshore and learn your way around its streets, racing against opponents and the clock to increase your reputation, avoiding the cops with quick thinking and smart tactics.
  • Fill your garage with precision-tuned, personally customized rides that’ll turn heads whenever you race them in pursuit of completing the city’s many challenges.
  • An original score from Brodinski accompanies your play, alongside tracks from the likes of Charli XCX, Diplo and A$AP Rocky.
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Arcade racing games

Simple, fast and fun

Throw reality to the wayside and enjoy racers that turn high-speed action up to 11 and channel experiences of arcade racing’s golden age.

Hotshot Racing

Players: 1-4 offline, 2-8 online

This retro-styled racer may look old but it’s certainly not slow. Fusing intuitive drifting mechanics with bright visuals and multiple game modes, it’s a package to suit any breed of speed demon.

  • Drifting is crucial for building your boost meter, so let the back hang out around those long corners and then hit boost on the home straight.
  • With circuits set in several locations, including mountains, deserts and seaside towns, there’s a pleasing variety of polygonal scenery to enjoy as you blast on by.
  • Outside of core racing, take part in Drive or Explode, where you must maintain a speed or your car goes BOOM, and Cops and Robbers, where you can either play as the police pursuing criminals or as crooks evading the law.
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Players: 1 offline, 2-24 online

Burn rubber and shred metal in this driving playground that lets you upgrade and customize your car of choice before taking it out for a destruction derby or two.

  • This is no-rules racing with realistic physics that will make your jaw drop just as easily as its cars come apart. Go head-to-head with fearless drivers on circuits full of collision-ready intersections.
  • Alternatively, take your wheels to the arena for some last-car-standing carnage, smashing your opponents to take them out but keep your engine running.
  • Challenge modes add a variety of unexpected vehicles to the mix, as you can take control of a combine harvester, a lawn mower and a school bus (off duty, of course), and drive them until they can’t drive anymore.
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Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged

Players: 1-2 offline, 2-12 online

Put a new spin on toy-to-life gaming with this frenetic arcade racer, which supports split-screen local multiplayer and lets you take familiar Hot Wheels motors for a ride across a series of absurd and amazing tracks.

  • Unlock over 130 Hot Wheels vehicles including many Hot Wheels Originals and Monster Trucks, and ATVs and motorbikes. Each has its own racing style, so experiment to find your favorites.
  • Race around a back yard, a mini-golf course, a Wild West-themed village and more, as each location promises stunning environments to blast through, on the track and off it.
  • Feeling creative? Construct your own courses in Track Editor and share them online for all players to enjoy.
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Formula Retro Racing World Tour

Players: 1-4 offline, N/A online

Throwback thrills abound on this modern recreation of a low-poly racer of the early 1990s, given realistic physics, split-screen multiplayer and 4K, 60FPS performance.

  • Race a variety of vehicle classes including formula racers and muscle cars, and select from four game modes: Grand Prix, Eliminator, Arcade and Free Practice.
  • Tracks are set in recognizable locations filled with famous landmarks, such as London, Paris and New York.
  • Responsive handling puts you in the driver’s seat, so while the visuals might be charmingly low on detail, the way your car behaves is quite the opposite.