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Released 06/06/2023
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  • 1 - 2 players
  • PS5 Version
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Base Game

  • Diablo® IV for PS4™/PS5™


  • D4 + Vessel of Hatred™ for PS4™/PS5®
  • Snow Leopard Pet

All hell breaks loose in this dark, expansive, open-world action RPG.

The legendary action RPG series returns with Diablo IV. This spectacular evolution introduces a vast new world to explore, filled with the promise of never-ending adventure, deadly demons and legendary loot.

Discover the corrupted land of Sanctuary as it falls into a new era of darkness. Lilith, daughter of Mephisto, Lord of Hatred, has been freed from exile and now her hateful influence threatens to consume the world. Only you and your fellow adventurers stand between Lilith and Sanctuary’s ruin.

Explore Sanctuary solo or with friends as your progress through Diablo IV’s engrossing campaign, taking on quests, liberating towns and battling epic bosses. In true Diablo fashion, an expansive end game awaits; players can meet in the game’s shared world to trade, team up, or test their might in lobby-free PVP zones. Cross-play, cross-progression and couch co-op allow you to continue the adventure whenever, wherever. 

Diablo IV key features

Endless adventure

Whether playing solo or with fellow adventurers, each of Sanctuary’s zones offer besieged towns to reclaim, non-linear quests to tackle, demon-filled dungeons to survive and precious loot to claim. The world will continue to grow, with the promise of new events, stories, seasons, rewards and more.

A hero like no other

Create a character that is completely unique to you. Pick one of five classes, then personalise your hero with different cosmetics, talents and abilities. Strengthen them by choosing your Skill Tree paths, then craft your own powerful end-game specialisations with Paragon Boards.

Combine and conquer

Discover and purchase a wide array of weapons, armour and runes to even the odds against the demons that threaten Sanctuary. Experiment with your collection to create powerful sets that will devastate the enemy.

New expansion revealed

Prepare to continue the epic story when Diablo® IV: Vessel of Hatred™ releases on October 8, 2024.

Become the apex predator as the all-new Spiritborn class, and journey into an ancient jungle to search for Neyrelle and attempt to uncover Mephisto’s malicious agenda.

Expand your map to explore the new region of Nahantu, fight together in a new PvE end game co-op activity, recruit Mercenaries to aid you in combat and more.

Pre-purchase the Ultimate Edition and get epic in-game rewards today.

Included with Diablo® IV: Vessel of Hatred™ Ultimate Edition

Nahantu War-Cat Mount and Armor Bundle*
3 Pets – Alkor the Snow Leopard, Hratli the Canine, Natalya the Tiger Pet*
5x Class Armor Sets
Wings of the Faith Cosmetic and Nahantu-themed Town Portal
One Premium Battle Pass Token + 3,000 Platinum

Diablo® IV: Vessel of Hatred™ key features

New class - The Spiritborn

The Spiritborn, apex predator of the jungle, is poised to strike. Battle with styles and mystical synergies that could only be awakened deep beneath the jungle’s canopy with an entirely new class to the iconic Diablo series.

New region - Nahantu

Expand Sanctuary to discover new towns and bygone civilisations shrouded in the vast region of Nahantu. Battle courageously through new dungeons and strongholds, and take on new enemies from ferocious demons to warring tribes, the likes of which could only thrive amidst this hellish region.

New activities, mercenaries, updates and more

Party up to take on a new multi-faceted PvE co-op activity with powerful challenges and promising rewards. Discover and recruit new mercenaries that grow in power as they progress and fight alongside you. Plus, empower your favourite classes with new skills, added Paragon Boards, Legendary Glyphs and more.

New itemisation, new systems, more power

Season 4, Loot Reborn, introduces the greatest gear Diablo IV has ever seen

Season 4: Loot Reborn overview

The biggest update to Diablo IV since launch has arrived for both eternal and seasonal realms. Discover and craft even more powerful gear to fit your playstyle. Helltide is reborn with more challenges and experiences. Explore the season journey and reap rewards.

How to access the new Seasonal content

Once the Season starts, log onto the game and create a new Seasonal character. If you have not completed the campaign yet, you will need to complete it on one character to gain access to seasonal content.

The Free Battle Pass is automatically available to all Seasonal characters. Get the Premium or Accelerated Battle Pass to earn additional rewards.

Loot Reborn trailers and screenshots

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**Diablo Immortal® downloaded separately.

***Available upon Vessel of Hatred™ release.

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