How to survive behind enemy lines with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

ESRB MATURE 17+: Strong Language, Mild Sexual Themes, Blood, Intense Violence

Go it alone or work as a team

You’re a Ghost, a member of an elite fighting force trained to work together in hostile situations. But unlike its predecessor, when you play solo in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you’re all alone…



Four-player co-op

Tactical team-play is the heart of Breakpoint, and each Ghost has their own class and skill set. How you build a team is up to you; stealth, assault, sniping, and support are all covered in the class system.

Solo play

Prefer to go it alone? No problem. In Breakpoint there are no AI comrades backing you up, so you’ll be on your own behind enemy lines. But fear not, you’ll have use of a tactical drone that can be called for both recon and assault when you're up against the Wolves.

Mix it up

The drop-in-drop-out co-op system means new friends can join at any time to bolster your squad, or you can earn XP and rewards yourself by joining someone else’s game. Enemy encounters aren’t affected by player level, so there’s no penalty when high and low-level players team up.

Create a Ghost that fits your style

Each class has unique abilities to set them apart, including perks, upgrades and extensive customisation options.


Lead from the front and draw fire with a perk that boosts health and reduces the damage you’ll take. You'll also have access to a gas grenade to deal continuous damage to enemies.

Field Medic

Keep your team fighting fit in the heat of battle with supply drops to boost their health, or send up a special drone that can heal allies from a distance.


Stealth is a weapon when you play as a Panther. Drop smoke bombs to blind your enemies and cover your tracks, or use a special cloaking spray to become invisible to drones.


Anyone can wield a sniper rifle, but this class is particularly deadly thanks to a sensor grenade that tags enemies and special ammunition for long-range kills.

Class upgrades

Each class has a specific set of skills, and the more you put them to use the higher you’ll rank for that class.

Higher rankings are achieved by completing challenges tied to weapon use, tactical approach, or number of kills. Complete the challenge, and you’ll be rewarded with a skill point to spend in the skills tree.

Hone your skills

Each class has its own talents, but no Ghost is restricted to a one-size-fits-all mold. As you gain experience, your weapons, gear, and skills will evolve with you to fit your unique fighting style.

Fine-tune your weapons

A Ghost’s best friend is their gun, and Breakpoint offers extensive customization options to ensure deadly accuracy.

Most stock weapons have an ‘alternate’ or variation changing its behaviour through unique stats, behavior, and parts. For example, you can modify your favorite rifle by enhancing range, handling, or damage.

The new Gunsmith system allows you to upgrade your weapon with new parts. The more kills you get with a weapon, the higher ‘mark’ it will achieve, unlocking even more customizations.

Level up your Ghost

Each class has access to the same base upgrades on the skill tree. Once upgraded, they branch out to give you opportunities to develop any kind of tactical play style you like.

Follow the weapon branch to make your Ghost more accurate, reduce reload time, or use additional weapon upgrades. Choose recon and you could be a key player for your squad, marking enemies for your team or taking them down yourself as a sniper.

There are also branches for stealth, assault, and survival, which all have sub-branches with even more opportunities for specialization.

Stealth is your weapon

Breakpoint provides a variety of stealth tactics that are key to your survival in Aurora.

Stay hidden

There’s more to stealth than just crouching and hoping you won’t be seen. Using prone camo makes you harder to spot, and moving carefully muffles your footsteps. Remember, your stance and the type of terrain both contribute to the noise you make. 

Use recon

The clue is in the game’s title, reconnaissance is vital to a successful enemy assault. If you don’t know where enemies are, you’re going in blind. Be sure to make use of gadgets (like your drone or a recon grenade) and perks to get the best possible view of your enemy before attacking. 

There are also many ways to deal with groups of enemies, like causing a diversion to divide them or luring them to a specific location. You can also go high-tech and load up your drone with a sync shot ability to take out up to four enemies simultaneously. 

Adapt to the terrain

Your missions take place on the island of Aurora – a diverse archipelago in the Pacific Ocean owned by Skell Tech. Their innovations have created vastly different biomes for you to explore.

Explore Aurora

The open world plays host to a wide range of terrain conditions that Ghosts must adapt to. From towering mountains to fjords and swamps, the changing landscape is what you make it. What cover you can use? Where should your squad position themselves? Tactical options fitting your current environment should be considered as you plan your attack. 


Your mission objectives are likely to be spread out across the map. Fortunately, there are vehicles scattered around the island you can use to move quickly through terrain including motorbikes, jeeps, helicopters, and boats.

Take your Ghost online

Ghost Recon Breakpoint features a ‘shared progression’ system, allowing you to take the same character you’ve fine-tuned for your campaign into the intense PvP battle modes.

Ghost War

These 4v4 online battles give you the chance to test your tactics against fellow players in the following game modes:

Elimination: Hunt down and kill the enemy team, but beware: the switch in the center of the map will expose the enemy team on your radar (and your team on theirs).

Sabotage: A bomb is placed in the hands of one team, with orders to plant it somewhere on the map. The other team need to defuse it before time runs out.

In Ghost War, you’re able to switch classes every round, allowing players to easily test out the skill sets of a less familiar class.

Shared progression

As you gain experience as a Ghost, you’ll be able to support your play style with your choice of weapons and gear. The best part? This can be carried directly over to the Ghost War multiplayer mode!

While you’ll keep all your favorite kits, gear levels are disabled in PvP games so players with the best loot from campaigns won’t have unfair advantages over less experienced Ghosts.