Coming soon to PlayStation®

New PlayStation products are coming, including PlayStation Earbuds, and a dedicated streaming device internally known as Project Q.

Project Q & PlayStation Earbuds

Project Q

Project Q is a dedicated Remote Play device that lets you stream compatible games installed on your PS5 console over Wi-Fi*. It features a beautiful 8-inch HD screen and all the buttons and features of the DualSense™ wireless controller.

PlayStation® Earbuds

Experience next-generation audio immersion on PS5 or PC with the first-ever wireless earbuds designed by PlayStation. In addition, new wireless technology will deliver lossless audio with low latency, giving you outstanding sound quality while you are playing. While connected to a gaming device, the earbuds can simultaneously connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth®.

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Design and specifications subject to change.

*Games must be installed on PS5 console and excludes VR games.