How the DualSense Edge™ wireless controller can raise your game - whatever you play

Discover some of the ways the controller's customizable features can be easily configured to complement your playstyle, whether you favour single-player adventures or competitive multiplayer.

Make your mark in multiplayer

Get the edge in the Destiny 2 arena

The DualSense Edge wireless controller’s included high dome caps are well-suited to Bungie’s accomplished sci-fi shooter. Switch out the standard cap on the right stick for one of these elevated replacements and you’ll find that the additional height allows for finer movements and enhanced accuracy. The jump, reload, weapon switch and melee actions are all great fits for the back buttons, so try different combos until you find the one you can’t live without.

Likewise, in a game with such a diverse variety of character classes, weapon types and game modes, it’s advised to experiment with a number of profiles to figure which ones best match your playstyle. The ability to map up to three profile shortcuts to your DualSense Edge wireless controller is great for this; simply hold down the Fn button and the assigned shortcut button to instantly switch profiles.

Similar set-ups work with: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Apex Legends, Fortnite

“We always kept the response of the players and what they would appreciate at the forefront of our minds.”     

- Kazuyoshi Enomoto, Director of Hardware Engineering

Tighten your driving lines in Gran Turismo 7

The Real Driving Simulator prides itself on accuracy, right down to adjusting the tension of the adaptive triggers to recreate the individual feel of the pedals of each vehicle. In order to fully appreciate this attention to detail while still personalising your driving experience, try adjusting the deadzone of the triggers to suit your acceleration and braking preferences while keeping their travel distance at maximum.

The principles that apply to the right stick in first-person shooters apply to the left stick here, so switch your left cap to a high dome cap to more closely recreate the range of movement of a steering wheel for added precision. You also have the option of assigning manual gear shifts to the back buttons or if, like many players, you use the right stick for gear changes, try selecting the Digital profile to enable an instant response.

Similar set-ups work with: WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship, Need for Speed Unbound

How easy is it to initially set up the DualSense Edge wireless controller?

Your PlayStation 5 console will acknowledge the DualSense Edge wireless controller as soon as it is connected. We recommend using the included USB Type-C® braided cable for the set-up.

Once you have signed in, you’ll be taken on a short interactive guided tour of the DualSense Edge wireless controller’s unique features. After that, it’s over to you to create your own customized profiles, so you can play your way.

Go further in single player

Get an advantage in God of War Ragnarök's combat

Surviving Kratos’ spectacular journey across the Nine Realms requires considerable combat skill, particularly at higher difficulty levels.

The customizable back buttons of the DualSense Edge wireless controller are worth their weight in hacksilver during battles; consider placing the [CROSS] button on the left side to enable quick dodges, and the [TRIANGLE] button on the right so that you can activate your weapons’ special attacks and retrieve Kratos’ Leviathan war axe without moving your thumb from the right stick and the camera controller necessary to keep an eye on your enemies.

When creating a custom profile for God of War Ragnarök, a fast-response preset for the left stick such as Quick or even Digital can be very handy, while applying the Precise preset to your right stick - with reduced travel distance on the L2 button - will noticeably improve speed and accuracy with aimed attacks.

Similar set-ups work with: Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West

“One important factor is the ability to choose your own style of play.”   

- Daisuke Kurihara, Art Director of Hardware Design

Sharpen your shooting in Returnal

Whether you’re striving to help Selene escape the loop, aiming to top the Daily Challenge leaderboard, or attempting to reach new heights in the Tower of Sisyphus, the DualSense Edge wireless controller is your secret weapon.

Assigning your jump and dash buttons to the back buttons can be a complete game-changer, allowing you to dart around its deadly, procedurally generated alien world while aiming and firing with ease. Pair this with the lowest travel setting on the R2 button for rapid-firing the Sidearm SD-M8, and setting both sticks to the Quick profile to complement Returnal’s frenetic pace.

Similar set-ups work with: Evil West, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

Which back buttons and stick caps should I use?

The DualSense Edge wireless controller comes with three options for stick caps: standard, low dome and high dome. You also have a choice of two styles of back button: half dome and lever.

Choosing your style of play is at the heart of the DualSense Edge wireless controller’s design philosophy, so deciding which caps and buttons to use is really down to what feels best for you and the games you play. They are both quick and easy to swap out, so have fun mixing, matching and experimenting!

Customize for competition

Innovate on the pitch in EA SPORTS FIFA 23

If you have aspirations of competing in the eChampions League, or dominating your rivals in FIFA Ultimate Team, you know that every split-second decision and action counts. With button combinations dictating the pace of your players rather than subtle stick movements, you can comfortably use the Digital profile for both sticks for the fastest possible response.

Try setting L1 and R1 to the back buttons, as these important modifiers are used for a wide variety of advanced skills, passes and shot types. It also means that your fingers will never have to leave the L2 and R2 buttons, which are also vital for flair moves, jockeying and the all-important sprint. Complete your custom profile by adjusting both triggers to the minimum travel-setting for digital-like responsiveness.

Similar set-ups work with: NBA 2K23, Madden NFL 23

“Helping everyone who wants to improve, helping them become stronger is the key concept.”     

- Tomomasa Mizuno, Lead Product Manager

Perfect your gamepad combos in Street Fighter V

The DualSense Edge wireless controller’s Digital profile is great for fighting games, as it bestows directional pad-level input and responsiveness upon your left stick that makes those vital quarter-circle sweeps a pleasure to perform.

Better still, attaching the half dome back buttons allows for a more natural-feeling six-button setup, making advanced, game-winning techniques like V-Reversals and V-Shifts quicker and easier to perform. You’ll also appreciate the DualSense Edge wireless controller’s slip-resistant inner grips, especially after you’ve engaged in a few heated Ranked Matches.

Similar set-ups work with: Mortal Kombat 11, Guilty Gear -Strive-, The King of Fighters XV

What is the 'Fn' button used for?

These useful extra buttons on the DualSense Edge wireless controller are your key to accessing, modifying and quick-swapping different controller profiles, as well as adjusting the game volume and chat balance in party chat for headsets connected to the controller's audio port.

Perhaps the best part is that it allows you to quickly swap profiles mid-play and experiment with different configurations to see which suits your style best.

Hold down the Fn button and press the Options button during a game to go straight to your profiles. From here you can easily create, name and adjust up to 30 custom profiles, changing everything from the sensitivity of each stick and the deadzones of the triggers, to remapping most buttons. Three of these profiles can be assigned to shortcut buttons, meaning they can be switched to at any time mid-game by holding the Fn button and pressing the assigned shortcut button.

Find out more

Head over to the official DualSense Edge hub to get full details on the controller's features, plus a behind-the-scenes look at how it was designed.

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Is the DualSense Edge wireless controller compatible with the DualSense Charging Station?

Yes. It was important to the designers of the DualSense Edge wireless controller that it had a similar size and shape to the DualSense wireless controller to ensure that it was compatible with the existing charging station.

It's easy to charge up the controller mid-play session too with the bundled [2.8m/ 9.1ft] long USB Type-C braided cable. The cable comes complete with a connector housing unit which you can use to lock your USB in place so it's much less likely to slip out at a crucial moment.

For added convenience, when you're not using the DualSense Edge, you can even charge it while it's stored in the case!