Finger on the trigger

Grab your arsenal of choice and get competitive with these high-intensity titles that offer a range of solo and team-based modes.

The Finals

Enter a high-stakes, higher-intensity game show in The Finals, a team-based shooter with next-level destruction physics. Bring down walls, ceilings, and entire buildings to get the better of your rivals.

  • Compete for viewers’ hearts and the coins left behind by your defeated opponents and decorate yourself in your personal spoils of war with wild looks, accessories and gadgets.
  • Trap and surprise your rivals with a range of tools that you can find around the arena. Gas canisters can send them flying, while garbage cans and flowerpots make for handy melee weapons in a pinch.
  • Use ziplines, moving platforms, jump pads and more to move fluidly around the destructible arena, using your imagination to execute amazing and memorable in-game moments.
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Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is the hugely popular series’ free-to-play take on the battle royale genre, mixing classic Call of Duty gameplay with new features.

  • Discover supply boxes and complete contracts to build your arsenal in a Call of Duty experience where you must always keep moving.
  • Take over a drivable train, use horizontal ziplines to move around areas at speed, and when you're downed fight your way out of the Gulag to rejoin the action.
  • Join a growing global community and experience new weapons, equipment, modes and events added every season.
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Apex Legends

This colorful hero shooter has a growing roster of larger-than-life characters battling it out for fame and fortune in the same universe as the Titanfall series.

  • Pick from a diverse pool of playable Legends, each with their own unique abilities, and customize their looks and loadouts.
  • Battle in 60-player matches as part of a duo or trio, aiming to be the last team standing.
  • The universe of Apex Legends continues to evolve, with regular new seasons freshening things up with added modes, events and Legends..
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Rogue Company

This third-person shooter casts players as Rogues, part of a vigilante force doing the dirty work that global governments can’t. These Rogues are everywhere and nowhere, and always show up in the nick of time.

  • Matches contain varied objectives and last for multiple rounds, between which players can buy and upgrade weapons, equipment and perks.
  • Rogue Company supports a variety of game modes including the 4v4 Extraction, the 2v2 Wingman, and the respawns-enabled Strikeout.
  • The game can be enjoyed casually or competitively and can be played against fierce but fair AI if preferred. 
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Destiny 2

Bungie’s universe-spanning action-MMO has attracted million of players to its deep sci-fi storytelling and refined shooter mechanics. Explore the mysteries of the solar system as a Guardian, a defender of the Last City of humanity.

  • Choose from one of three distinct Guardian classes: the mighty Titan, the mysterious Warlock, or the speedy and agile Hunter. Each has their own Super abilities.
  • Thousands of weapons open millions of loadout options. Work out what stats are best for you, and which skills suit your play style. The perfect arsenal awaits you.
  • Join friends on challenging co-op missions and in competitive PvP modes, or experience the game’s ongoing story solo, travelling the stars alone.
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Become an unstoppable warrior using your bio-metal Warframe suit in this story-driven action game that merges elements of shooters, stealth games and RPGs. 

  • Face off against warring factions in a massive interplanetary system, following the guidance of the mysterious Lotus to develop your Warframe and unlock its true potential – and your own.
  • Play ground-based missions with close-quarter skirmishes, or experience shoot-outs in the stars in your own customizable spaceship. 
  • Squad up with friends and complete objectives together for bonuses, healing allies and redirecting enemy fire to gain an advantage. In-game matchmaking means that friendly support is just a request away.
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Free-to-play events

Latest seasonal updates and events

Whole new seasons, one-off competitions and new locations to explore - find out what's happening right now in the biggest free-to-play games.

Explore worlds of wonder

Play as highly customizable characters with intriguing backstories, in colorful open worlds and hero shooter showdowns.

Honkai: Star Rail

From the makers of Genshin Impact, HoYoverse, Honkai: Star Rail is a space fantasy RPG presented in gloriously colorful cel-shaded visuals.

  • Board the Astral Express and travel across the galaxy to find new civilizations, form bonds with new friends, and adventure across fantastical worlds.
  • Choose your companions to form a four-person team to face up to any threat. The Stellaron in your chest guides you onwards, following the mysterious Aeons across the galaxy.
  • With a combat system that’s easy for beginners but offers depth for more experienced players, Honkai: Star Rail regularly delivers explosive and spectacular battles.
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Tower of Fantasy

Embark on an epic journey across a post-apocalyptic open world where magical underwater realms meet barren wastelands.

  • As a shared-world adventure, players of Tower of Fantasy will encounter other players in the world of Aida, alongside non-player characters. Four players can team up to take on battles and exploration together.
  • Take on foes in real-time combat, adding elemental effects to weaken their defences. Simulacrum weapons possess forms of previous owners, adding new abilities.
  • Customize your chosen hero and develop your own play style by activating upgrades and abilities as you progress.
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Genshin Impact

Explore the massive fantasy land of Teyvat in this open-world adventure that can be enjoyed solo or with up to three friends via console and PC cross-play.

  • Fly, swim, climb or simply wander, on or away from the beaten path – how you experience Teyvat is up to you. Follow the storyline and complete quests or enjoy the environment at a relaxed pace, the choice is yours.
  • Select from over 50 characters to build your party, each with their own abilities, personalities and combat styles.
  • Master the seven elements, including Pyro, Hydro and Cryo, controlling and combining them to aid you in battle and solve puzzles.
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Zenless Zone Zero

Step into the shoes of a Proxy, a professional specialized in navigating the dangerous Hollows of New Eridu and the monstrous Ethereals within them, in this action-RPG from the makers of Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail.

  • Experience combat that blends accessibility with strategic depth, with intuitive controls for newcomers.
  • Explore a colorful post-apocalyptic world filled with unique citizens and diverse neighborhoods.
  • Enjoy an immersive urban life experience, where every corner of New Eridu has its own stories and gameplay opportunities.
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Overwatch 2

Pick your hero from over 30 varied options in this always-on team shooter that supports an array of game modes and maps.

  • Play as an attack-soaking Tank, a fearsome-but-fragile Damage or healing and buffing Support character and lend your unique skills to the team to help it succeed.
  • Get into the action on one of over 20 maps, each with its own challenges and objectives, and play one of six distinct PvP modes including Push, Control, Capture the Flag and Mystery Heroes.
  • Competitive and Unranked options are available, and the game’s seasonal events tie into a growing storyline supported by a series of animated shorts. 
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Your game, your way

Let your imagination run wild in these free-to-play games that encourage you to make your own fun - and to enjoy games and activities made by other players.


The most iconic of all battle royale experiences is exceptionally well supported and offers much more than last-man-standing shootouts.

  • Play Battle Royale (classic Fortnite play, with building mechanics) and Zero Build (gunplay only, no structures) modes where the last player standing achieves the coveted Victory Royale.
  • Enter LEGO Fortnite to become a Minifigure and challenge yourself in survival mode, lasting the night against all manner of threats, or opt to build in peace using the iconic bricks. 
  • Pick up an instrument and rock the crowd in Fortnite Festival, or strap in for high-speed thrills in Rocket Racing. With thousands of player-made islands available, you’ll never run out of places to play. 
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Rec Room

Join millions of players and creators in the Rec Room, a place where a multitude of gaming experiences, weird and wonderful, can be found in a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Play a vast array of multiplayer games, including user-created content and several Rec Room Originals such as Paintball, Rec Royale (a take on the battle royale formula), 3D Charades and Dodgeball.
  • Create your own games using Circuits, Rec Room’s visual programming tool, and use the Maker Pen to draw shapes in 3D. Advanced creations are possible thanks to Rec Room’s partnership with Unity.
  • Rec Room supports PlayStation VR and Move controllers (PS4 only), for fully immersive play. Cross-play covers consoles, PC, other VR headsets and mobile devices, so you have many ways to play with friends.
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The Sims 4

The long-running life-sim series is free to download and play on PlayStation, offering substantial content with optional extras available to purchase. Enjoy endless possibilities as you guide your Sims through life’s highs and lows.

  • Create your Sims, giving them unique appearances and personalities. Then unleash your imagination on the most fantastic home, decorating it with wild designs - or keep things minimalist, it's your choice.
  • Help your Sims develop relationships with other characters and address their own dreams, aspirations, career choices and personal desires.
  • Expand your Sims’ careers, fashion options and furniture by purchasing optional expansions and game packs. 
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Get everyone together

Play with friends and family members in these varied and largely violence-free competitive and co-operative experiences.

Fall Guys

This colorful party royale game has players compete across a series of slapstick obstacle courses. Overcome the hazards and stay ahead of the other racers to get across the finish line.

  • Play solo in competitive free-for-alls and cooperative challenges or invite up to three friends to experience the chaos.
  • Compete with friends using cross-play, cross-platform parties, and cross-progression via your Epic Games account.
  • Customize your avatar with colors, patterns, costumes and nameplates, and celebrate your wins with a range of emotes.
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Rocket League

Compete in this high-octane mix of arcade-style football and vehicular mayhem. Go one-on-one, play in a duo or be one of three across a variety of game modes.

  • Enjoy easy-to-play, challenging-to-master gameplay where keeping all your wheels on the ground is a sure way to end up on the losing side. Use your boost, get airborne, and slam home a goal.
  • Join free tournaments and compete across seasons, scaling the ranks as you go and earning new rewards. Switch between game modes like Snow Day, Hoops and Rumble to keep the excitement fresh.
  • Make your car your own with amazing customization options. Receive in-game items as you complete challenges, browse the shop or build blueprints to unlock premium cosmetic content.
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Sky: Children of the Light

This peaceful, social MMORPG comes from the creators of Flower and Journey and allows players to explore a beautiful open world either solo or with friends.

  • Explore seven dreamlike realms and discover an engrossing story as you embark on a quest to return lost stars to their homes. New seasons and events deepen the narrative and immerse you further.
  • Soar above the clouds, play instruments, meet characters with unique stories, or simply relax amid the bright and uplifting visuals and take everything in at your own pace.
  • Create your avatar using a selection of customization options and then level up to unlock items to help you further explore the world of Sky. Meet other players in the realms and team up to seek ancient treasures.
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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Master Duel

Play the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game digitally with Master Duel. Enjoy fast-paced matches in stunning graphics, accompanied by a dynamic soundtrack. Duelists around the world are waiting to play.

  • All skill levels are welcome, with in-game tutorials providing the basics you need to begin your Yu-Gi-Oh! journey. Add to your beginner deck by collecting new cards, unlocked through play.
  • A wide range of tournaments and events await, some of which use special rules and focus on specific card types, drawn from a total of over 10,000 cards.
  • Play through Solo Mode to follow the storyline of Yu-Gi-Oh!, which will fill newcomers in on the lore that supports this exciting trading card game.
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