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Snuggle up with the best cosy games on PS4 and PS5

This thoughtfully curated selection of peaceful and life-affirming games will help you unwind, de-stress and generally chill out.

Cozy life simulations

Live your dream life

Settle down somewhere far from the stresses and demands of the daily grind. 

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Disney Dreamlight Valley

Live among Disney and Pixar characters in a world of your design. Restore magic to a blighted land and enjoy playing alongside familiar faces.

  • This life-sim adventure is rich with quests, exploration and fun activities such as gardening, cooking and fishing with characters like Goofy, WALL-E and Moana.
  • By building your perfect neighborhood, pick your unique outfit, and use thousands of decorative items to personalize your experience.

Stardew Valley

This cozy classic sees the player’s customizable character become the newest member of the Pelican Town community.

  • Enjoy an award-winning and multi-million-selling blend of role-playing game features, farming mechanics and dating elements.
  • Players can marry and have children, go fishing or cook up new recipes, and explore nearby caves to mine minerals and fight creatures.
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Mineko’s Night Market

Celebrate Japanese culture in this heartwarming story about friendship, tradition and loads and loads of cats.

  • Play as Mineko, a curious girl who has just arrived at her new home, a village at the base of Mount Fugu.
  • Discover the secrets of this superstitious place, restore the village to its former glory and craft peculiar items for the weekly Night Market.
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Potion Craft

Use your tools and ingredients to brew potions in this alchemist simulator. Control the whole shop – invent recipes, experiment with combinations, and attract customers with your newest concoctions.

  • Heat the coals and boil and stir, being careful to choose the right base for your potions so that it achieves the desired effects.
  • Plan new mixtures with the Alchemy Map. Everyone who comes into your shop has a problem – but have you discovered the solutions?
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Cozy exploration games

Discover fantastical worlds

Take a welcome break from reality and venture into unfamiliar realms that will fill you with wonder.

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Play as an adventurous cat and roam a neon-lit cybercity of the future, as well as its seedy underbelly, accompanied by a friendly drone companion.

  • Explore your surroundings, climbing buildings and defending yourself against unforeseen threats.
  • Befriend, help and annoy the robotic inhabitants of the city, and interact with the environment in playful ways.


Explore a beautiful underwater environment in this meditative adventure from some of the talents behind Journey.

  • Play as a diver and discover the threat that is damaging otherwise tranquil surroundings.
  • Use graceful swimming controls to move fluidly and acrobatically, interacting with fish and other aquatic life that responds to you.
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An elegant puzzler, Gorogoa is a hand-drawn adventure into a rich fantasy world presented through interactive planes and panels.

  • Progress through a personal narrative by moving elements of each scene so that they open new paths.
  • Envelop yourself in charming illustrations and animations that bring a truly unique game world to life.
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Season: A Letter to the Future

Embark on an atmospheric bicycle ride through a valley on the precipice of a mysterious cataclysm.

  • Take in stunning landscapes accompanied by a dynamic score that evolves alongside your journey.
  • Explore and record your surroundings, meet people and learn what they love, and note your findings in your journal.
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Creative cosy games

Express yourself

Enjoy the freedom to unleash your imagination and let your artistic side flourish.

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Chicory: A Colourful Tale

Paint a black-and-white world back into color in this charming adventure that uses gentle puzzles and exploration to move its story onward.

  • Paint to open new areas, and to investigate and solve puzzles, using a magical brush that turns the world around you into a colorful canvas.
  • Interact with the other inhabitants of Picnic Province to learn about their wants and needs - and how you can bring colour back into their lives.

LEGO Builder's Journey

This relaxing puzzler puts you in control of LEGO bricks to solve a series of beautifully presented challenges.

  • Experiment with pieces to find solutions to puzzles that form a surprisingly sweet story mode full of ups and downs.
  • Use Creative Mode to construct your own LEGO models - and then use Photo Mode to share them online.
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Made by the creators of LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, Dreams is a remarkable digital playground of user-created experiences.

  • Create your own games using intuitive tools and tutorials, or enjoy many existing experiences, including Tren, created by an imaginative community.
  • Go beyond games to craft animations, sculptures, movies, music and more - and then share your work online.
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Set off on a delightful expedition in this quirky, hand-drawn adventure game.

  • Armed with your camera, use your photographic eye to uncover the mysteries of each area and progress to the next.
  • Encounter characters who’ll present you with new challenges – many of which can be solved by snapping photos.
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Short cosy games

Short and sweet

Bite-sized outings that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

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A Short Hike

Escape to the wilderness and explore a tiny open world as Claire, a young bird who must hike up a mountain to get phone signal.

  • Follow your own path around the island, and progress at whatever speed you like – the more you wander, the more you’ll enjoy.
  • Cruise the shores in a motorboat, take part in some volleyball, or fish for the biggest catch – take your time to make the most of everything.

Donut County

Play as an ever-growing hole in the ground in this humorous puzzle game. 

  • The more you swallow, the bigger your hole grows, so clear items in size order to complete each challenge.
  • Enjoy colorful visuals set to a chilled-out soundtrack, and a story that's wacky but warmhearted.
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Assume the role of Venba, who is finding life hard after moving from India to Canada in the 1980s. Through cooking, you’ll piece together a story about family, love and loss.

  • Each traditional recipe is inspired by India and its culture, and has a personal connection to Venba and her family.
  • Ordering your actions is important – ingredients need to be added at just the right times or the dish will be spoiled.
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Behind The Frame: The Finest Scenery

Help an aspiring artist complete her masterpiece as she’s distracted by her brusque neighbor and their pesky cat.

  • Play at any pace, immersing yourself in a panoramic world of hand-crafted visuals complemented by a gentle soundtrack.
  • An emotional tale of chance and artistry plays out as the painting takes shape, each new color bringing your work and the wider world to life.
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Cozy narrative games

Wrap yourself up in a snug story

Lose yourself in this collection of comforting tales.

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A Memoir Blue

Described by its makers as an ‘interactive poem’, this narrative-based game follows a champion swimmer’s examination of her memories.

  • Play through a series of gameplay vignettes that combine sacrifice and heartbreak with victory and pride, as the protagonist reconnects with her inner child.
  • The story uses a sense of magical realism to balance the drama at its heart, showing the love between a mother and her daughter.

Night in the Woods    

Embrace autumnal moods in this narrative adventure following Mae as she moves back home to Possum Springs.

  • The former mining town isn’t what it used to be, and Mae finds much has changed from what she remembers.
  • Tackling heavyweight issues while mixing in welcome moments of levity, this cozy classic is full of amazing and terrible discoveries ready to be made.
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I Am Dead

This charming puzzle adventure casts the player as the recently deceased Morris Lupton, who must uncover ancient mysteries of his home island to avert a disaster.

  • Explore the afterlife alongside Morris’s ghostly dog, Sparky, and speak with other specters to learn about Shelmerston’s past.
  • Use Morris’s powers to peer into objects to reveal their contents and connected memories, unlocking important stories of history and folklore.
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The Artful Escape

Join an all-star cast featuring the likes of Lena Heady, Jason Schwartzman and Carl Weathers for an intergalactic prog-rock odyssey.

  • Freestyle riffs as you guide a teenage guitar prodigy on a side-scrolling journey of self-discovery.
  • Jam with bosses in rhythm-matching encounters and impress an audience of oddball aliens tuning in from across the unknown universe.
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