Tournaments Overview

Unleash your skills in PS4™ Tournaments.

PS4™ Tournaments are open to players of all skill levels and will challenge you to compete in a new way.

Playing in a tournament is simple. Simply find your game and register for a tournament in the Events on Function area on your PS4™ system.

Compete to take the top spot. Will you take up the challenge?

How to Sign Up for Tournaments

1.    Click on the Events on Function area on your PS4™ system, scroll down to tournaments, and select the tournament you’d like to compete in.

2.    Click the “Register” button and then read and accept the tournament rules.

3.    The first time you enter a tournament, you must link your account with PlayStation™Network and ESL account to register.

4.    You will receive a notification when the tournament check-in time starts. Players must check-in for their tournament 15 minutes before their start time.    

5.    Once the check-in period ends, you will receive a notification shortly about your first match.

If you are playing a game with automatic lobby match-making (for example, games like Injustice 2, Plants vs. Zombies :Garden Warfare 2, World of Tanks):    

6.    Once you click join game, you will be placed in an in-game lobby. Wait until your opponent enters the lobby to play against them.

7.    Once the game ends, the results will be automatically recorded into the bracket.

With any other game follow these steps:    

6.    Launch the game and either invite your opponent to a game or wait for them to invite you to a game.

7.    Once the game is over, report the results on the tournament match page. You will receive a notification about the final results of your match once it has been approved.

8.    Go back to the PlayStation® 4 content launcher and wait for your next match.

9.    Once the tournament is over, you will receive a notification about the final match results, with the list of winners and your personal ranking.

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