Setting Up Parental Controls on your PlayStation 4

Manage the PlayStation 4 account settings and restrictions for everyone in the house.

Getting Started

Using parental controls on PlayStation 4, you can:

  • Apply parental controls and choose whether children can use online features
  • Share your PSN Wallet and set spending limits
  • Decide which family members can adjust parental controls

More Control For You, More Fun For Them

Designate your account as a “family manager” and control your family’s PlayStation™Network accounts and settings. Add family members, create new accounts, and adjust parental controls all from your PS4™, PC, or smartphone.

Up to seven accounts (including you) can be in your PSN family and use online features. Your account can only be part of one PSN family at a time.
The family manager and parent accounts can set controls that manage online feature access and more. Parental controls can be customized separately for each child in a family account.
The family manager chooses adult members of the family to act as parent accounts.
Keep each family member’s data separate and allow everyone to save their own game progress and settings, and to earn their own PSN trophies.