Game Overview

Come experience virtual reality hunting at it's best! Enjoy matching wits with America's most elusive game bird the wild turkey. Locate roosting gobblers at predawn or setup on mid morning strutting areas. Experience the spine tingling thrill of hearing the wild turkey's gobble as he comes in to your call. You are armed with a 12 gauge shotgun capable of delivering a tight pattern. You can also earn and select the gear of your choice calls, camo, and a hen turkey decoy to help lure that big gobbler into shotgun range. Do you have what it takes to become the next turkey hunting legend?

  • Realistic turkey behavior / artificial intelligence.
  • Season mode offering seven levels of hunting progression.
  • Simulation mode with adjustable turkey hunt settings.
  • Gear customization to include camo, calls, decoy, ATV, and lodge.
  • In game map for exploration of expansive hunting environment.

Game Editions

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