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Way of the Passive Fist

Fight defensively using parries, deflections and dodges to outlast your enemies on a barren far away planet.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Arcade / Fighting
  • Publisher: Household Games Inc.
  • Developer: Household Games Inc.
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Fight With Their Might

Master the Art of the Passive Fist

Enter The Wanderer, a mysterious figure with an unknown past who is a legend on the distant planet of Eiectus. Orbiting an extremely volatile star, Eiectus is a harsh world on which survival is not a guarantee. In this climate, exhaustion is deadly. The Wanderer has survived by mastering the Art of the Passive Fist, a fighting style that conserves one's energy and lets enemies defeat themselves. Utilize an array of parries, blocks, deflections and dodges to wear down even the mightiest of foes and take back the wasteland.


Defensive Fighting

Survive by watching your enemies closely. Anticipate their attacks and block, parry or deflect to drain their energy and take no damage. Let them wear themselves out and when the time is right, put that stolen energy to use!

Be Passive, then Aggressive!

Equipped with a mechanically augmented arm that requires high amounts of energy to use, The Wanderer mostly fights with one free hand. When enough energy has been absorbed from incoming attacks, the arm can be unleashed to decimate any foe. Strike with a supersonic punch or grab any opponent and slam them into the ground leaving a crater, the choice is yours.

Tactical Might

Use the power of the mechanical arm to rip apart obejcts in the environment to find useful items and secrets. Spend your energy wisely, taking out a strong enemy in one mighty blow could result in a missed opportunity later on.



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