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Watch_Dogs® 2

Multiplayer Tips

Survive the multiplayer hacking revolution of Watch_Dogs 2 with these tips.


Online Hacking Invasions

As the Hacker…

  • Try to find places with a lot of buildings or visual blockers.
  • Sudden movements will attract attention, try to move smoothly, blend in the crowd, and remember your clothing options can be seen by others!
  • Change hiding spots to somewhere where the victim already checked, create distractions by hacking the environment, and draw their attention elsewhere.
  • Remember: the victim needs to stay alive. Make sure to use the appropriate hack/tools.

As the Victim...

  • Nethack is key. It allows you to quickly focus on vehicle and NPCs only without any visual distraction.
  • Hack any suspicious vehicles, as enemy hackers can hide inside any vehicle.
  • Flying Drones give a really great top down view for both players. An eye in the sky is great to track your victim, or find the invaders. So long, campers!
  • Lay down traps (IEDs, shockers) to restrict possible movement from the hacker or tip you off when they set it off.
  • Get creative and make your own traps by hacking objects in the environment.


  • Divide the tasks that need to be done. One player focuses on hacking while the other infiltrates.
  • Flanking is a really strong tactic.
  • Have one player be a distraction and pull AI away from the objective.
  • Communicate with your partner what you want to do ahead of time.
  • Plan around your botnets. If one player runs out, switch who does the hacking.
  • Use the drone to support the other player. Be their eyes, and create distractions for them.


As the Protector...

  • Many options are at your disposal to keep the target alive: you can act as a distraction, go head-to-head against hunters, or drive the target around allowing them to hack enemies and use their weapons.
  • Don’t be afraid to die if it saves your partner. You can respawn, they can’t.

As the Target...

  • Use chokepoints as a bottleneck for police.
  • Underground complexes, garages and highways are great to lose police choppers.
  • Straight roads and highways will make it difficult to escape the police. Favor undergrounds and off-road paths to try to lose them!
  • Hack the police cars in the way of the Hunters.

As the Hunter...

  • Vehicle hacks are great, if you can’t hack the target aim for the parked cars and try to block their way.
  • If the target is defending in a difficult to reach area, use your drone to rain explosives.
  • Is the target hiding? Put an IED on your flying drone, hack the proximity trigger, and surprise the target with a lethal flying bomb.
  • If you can blow up the target’s car, it’s a one shot kill.