More Than Just a Game

The acclaimed first-person shooter, Warface, is now available on PlayStation 4! An explosive mix of dynamic action and tightknit teamwork in a free-to-play online shooter will keep you  on the edge of your seat. Four distinctive classes, each with its own unique playstyles, and more than a hundred weapons to choose from to make your gameplay perfectly tailored exactly for you. Expand your arsenal even further with a plethora of various attachments and camos based on real prototypes and fictional concepts as well. Dive into never-ending PvP action in 10 different game modes and plenty of maps to choose from, climb the ladder playing the ranked matches or play co-op special operations with friends, tackling any threat that comes your way, from assault squads to cyborgs and war robots.

Warface - Mars Explorer's Edition

Mars Explorer's Edition

Start off your conquest of Mars with nightmarish weapons of cosmic power!


This edition contains:

  • "Warface" base game
  • Three weapons of the "Phobos" series
  • 250 Kredits

"Phobos" series weapons included:

  • M240B assault rifle
  • Stechkin APS pistol
  • Ice-Axe

Kredits are a premium in-game currency in Warface. It allows you to purchase weapons, armor, boosters, consumables and much more.

Warface - Ultimate Edition Box

Mars Conqueror's Edition

Conquer the Red Planet and let fear rule your enemies!


This edition contains:

  • "Warface" base game
  • Four weapons of the "Phobos" series
  • 500 Kredits

"Phobos" series weapons included:

  • M60E4 assault rifle
  • SAP6 shotgun
  • PP2000 submachine gun
  • Orsis T-5000 sniper rifle

Kredits are a premium in-game currency in Warface. It allows you to purchase weapons, armor, boosters, consumables and much more.

Breathtaking PvE Missions

Combine your strength with friends to take on persistent waves of enemy forces commanded by AI. Navigate the world in exciting PvE co-op missions and raids scattered across the globe: from snowy Siberian peaks to American tropics and African jungles. Yet watch out – ambushes don’t come by ground alone!

Unique Classes

Choose your class before the fight and enhance your team with special skills and abilities. Rifleman, sniper, medic and engineer – each class is indispensable in its own way!


An all-round, balanced role, though not to be mistaken for a mere grunt! Riflemen provide the bulk firepower for the team, armed with assault, battle rifles, or light machine guns. Most efficient at medium ranges.

Special skill: resource crate that allows to resupply gun ammo for the bearer and the teammates.


The greatest threat is the unseen one. A lone wolf, sniper masterfully eliminates its enemies from afar, vanishing back into the darkness. The overwhelming damage of bolt-action rifles allows the sniper to kill with one shot.

Special skill: can knock down its enemy in case of a non-lethal hit.


This class provides traditional battlefield support, healing and saving lives as the squad marches. Armed with a shotgun, medic is extremely deadly in close quarters.

Special skill: medic kit restoring health points and a defibrillator that revives recently fallen teammates.


An explosives and defense specialist armed with a rapid-firing SMG and a broad selection of landmines for tactical maneuverability. While medics heal their team, engineers can repair armor swiftly and efficiently.

Special skill: armor kit that restores the defenses of the team and an ability to plant mines.

Impressive Arsenal

Unlock and pick any of over a hundred available weapons, based on and closely modeled after their real life counterparts, and customize them to suit your preference: switch grips, scopes and more without leaving the fight. Don’t forget about choosing a camo to blend in the environment or stand out attracting all the attention. Amass a truly impeccable arsenal of your own!

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