Game Overview

Trickster VR in a nutshell:

  • 35 levels with a steady difficulty curve.
  • 18 Weapons with unique powers to unlock.
  • 9 Different quest types.
  • 5 Regions to explore.
  • 2 Game modes.

Score three headshots at once and take down an Orc mid-jump. Trickster VR lets you shine. Practice your accuracy, hunt for the weak-points and fence the Orc Warlord in this skill-oriented fantasy action.

Orcs come equipped in anything, but a lengthy health bar. Each of them packs a special set of gear, moves and skills. You will need all your wits to escape their abilities and win the mighty loot! 

Trickster VR features a procedural landscape system. This means you will never visit the same place twice! Ever been dreaming about flipping burgers in virtual reality? We neither. Unsheathe your burning greatsword and give Orcs hell among the ever-changing landscape of the floating islands.

Game Editions