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Year 3 Content

Operation Chimera

In Operation Chimera you will be facing an entirely new threat: an infestation of unknown origin. This mysterious threat pushes Team Rainbow to its limits and reinforcements must be called in. The two top biohazard specialists within the world's most elite CTUs hail from France and Russia, and as masters of biological warfare and veterans of numerous conflicts involving biochemical weapons, they are humanity's best hope for survival.

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Chimera Operators

Meet Finka

Finka's Adrenal Surge activates pre-injected nanobots made of zinc in operators, releasing a pharmacological cocktail into their system where the zinc is absorbed as a nutrient. These nanites give her team a short boost in HP, they help allies out of DBNO, and they steady the team’s aim. She’s the only one capable of tailoring the nanites to specific operators.


Meet Lion

Twitch provided him with an aerial drone while he served with GIGN. The EE-ONE-D helps Lion maintain quarantine by detecting movement in an area, giving an overview of hot zones or of the battlefield. His drone can stay airborne indefinitely, but he must choose the right moment to perform his scans.



4 Week Event

Outbreak has begun and the time has come to go on the offensive and venture inside the Quarantine Zone. An epidemic is consuming the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, and your team is the only one who can keep the threat contained.

Within Operation Chimera is our limited-time event: Outbreak. This limited time co-op event is free for everyone who has a copy of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege. Team up with two of your friends in this brand-new co-op mode featuring three exclusive maps. The event will be playable from March 6 to April 3.


Outbreak Packs

Within the duration of the 4 weeks event, an exclusive collection of cutting edge HazMat cosmetic will be available. This gear will be found in the Outbreak Packs. All players that log in during the Outbreak Event will receive four Outbreak Packs immediately.

The Outbreak Packs will not provide you with any gameplay elements, and will contain cosmetic items only.

The Outbreak Collection is composed of a total of 50 unique items, and no duplicates. What this means is, if you acquire 50 Outbreak Packs, you will have the entire Collection, including the Elite Uniform. They will contain universal weapon skins, unique weapon skins, headgear, uniforms, charms, as well as an Outbreak Collection exclusive of this season’s Elite Uniform. All items in the pack will be either Rare, Epic, Legendary, and there will not be any content overlap between the Outbreak Packs and the Alpha Packs. The Outbreak Packs can only be acquired for 300 R6 Credits each.



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