• Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

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Prepare for Close Quarter Combat

In the siege, there’s no getting lost and no getting away. Combat is up-close-and-personal. There’s a fight around every corner. And running away like a scared kid isn’t an option.

Know Your Strengths

Every operator holds unique abilities allowing you to attack and defend in a way that plays to your own strategy and strengths. So choose your operator. Learn  their advantage. And blow the competition away. Literally.

Use Destruction as a Tool

Destruction is a tactic that can win the  round. Walls can be shattered and floors can be breached. So learn the maps,  strategize and don’t ever let a little drywall get in your way.

Utilize Your Team

A lone wolf is a dead wolf in the Siege. Here, you’ll need your team as much as they’ll need you. You don’t need to run in holding hands or anything, but you will need to work together to develop a team-based strategy to win.


Communicate. Always.

The phrase ‘communication is key’ has never been more true than in the Siege. No need to share your feelings, but you better share your location, your plan and your actions or you may end up dead alone in the corner.


Don't Expect a Respawn

The Siege owes you nothing. When you’re dead, you’re dead.  Like, for real. That’s it. Although, sometimes the dead can give intel to their team...