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Tom & Jerry: House Trap

  • PS One
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: NewKidCo
  • Developer: TBC
Animated Violence
Comic Mischief
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Play cat and mouse with the two guys who invented the game...Tom and Jerry. The unique split-screen design allows you to control your character and keep an eye on your opponent as well. You can set tricky traps all over the place, move on to the next room and still watch as your pursuer & quot;falls victim & quot; to your handy work. A bar of soap or a pair of roller skates make for slippery mishaps, while ironing boards and frying pans are a little more direct and to the point. And don't forget, there's always a lawnmower for that trendy haircut. Or...if playing chase is not your style, then stop running, stand tall and just duke it out toe-to-toe.

  • Unique split screen captures the essence of Tom and Jerry
  • 1 player of 2 player mode
  • Play through 15 different rooms
  • Set traps and watch as your opponent gets caught
  • Tom & amp; Jerry's friends help out with traps and hints

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