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The Tenth Line

The Tenth Line is an RPG featuring a colorful cast of characters, unique battles, quick 2D platforming action, and an original, fantastical story about friendship, faith, and finding your place in the world.

  • PS4
  • PS4-Pro
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Platformer / Role Playing Game (RPG)
  • Publisher: Sungazer Software
  • Developer: Sungazer Software
Fantasy Violence
Use of Alcohol
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An RPG Like No Other

A unique take on the classic RPG formula awaits! Guide your allies through a colorful world of beasts and dragons, battle dozens of foes at one time, collect treasures to empower your party members and unlock new abilities, and experience an engrossing story in a beautiful fantasy world.



In The Tenth Line, you'll guide the princess of the tiny country of Easania - desperate, and far from home - as she escapes the clutches of a mysterious cult in hot pursuit. Joining her are a pair of non-human beastfolk, convinced by promises of wealth and glory beyond their wildest dreams, should they be able to get her home safely. Other unlikely allies will join along the way, each with their own reasons for helping out. But, with the long-prophecized end of the world fast approaching, can she make it home before the end of days?




Control your three main characters separately as you explore the world through quick, 2D platforming action. Each character has a different means of running, jumping, and interacting with the world, whether it be pushing large objects, flinging stones at distant targets, or breathing fire on obstacles. Use your characters' abilities and tread carefully to gather treasures and ambush foes in your way.

Battle System

Battles in The Tenth Line are a rewarding combination of strategy and careful timing. During your turn, you'll pick skills for each character to execute, and the foes to target. Then, you'll command your characters to carry out these attacks using an active timing element, allowing you to juggle foes for maximum damage. Then, any remaining foes will counter attack, and you'll use your characters' unique defensive abilities to protect themselves or shield the party. At this point, more foes may join the fray, but skillful play means more Momentum for your party, allowing the use of more powerful skills on the next turn. Fight hard to survive!

Leveling Up

Empower your characters with items you've found on your journey, either through training of skills or with the Power Flow system. Characters will gain "Power Levels" for winning battles, completing quests, and collecting Power Fragments in the world. These levels can be spent to place items on the Power Flow board through a puzzle-like minigame to increase stats and unlock new skills.

Taking It Easy

In towns and other safe havens, take some time to chat with the locals. Every party member has a completely unique interaction with every inhabitant of the world, allowing you to see things from multiple perspectives and enjoy their unique personalities first-hand. Or, play a game of Quad Pro Quo using cards you've collected, and win unique prizes and additional cards to help complete your collection.


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"The Tenth Line" and "Quad Pro Quo" (C) Sungazer Software LLC. All rights reserved.