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The Surfer

  • PS3
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports / Arcade
  • Publisher: Bungarra Software
  • Developer: Bungarra Software
Mild Language
Alcohol Reference
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  • Introducing PUMP control: For the first time ever in a surfing game – you can physically pump up and down the wave to build up momentum and then score big, purely, because of the speed generated from the wave.
  • Compete in an intense qualifying series tour battling it out with other rookies all looking to gain a coveted spot on the world surfing tour.
  • Take on the most hardcore locations on Earth from the freezing cold water of Northern Scotland to the beach-breaks in the south of France or even the tropical outer islands off the Brazilian coast.

Waves of consequence

It’s a slightly nervous start on the tour at Ledge. A renowned big-wave spot on the tour can only be held in the summer months, because, most of the year, it’s just too big to surf. The water is freezing just the same and as that first set hits the line-up, you can feel your heart pumping as you paddle into position. The power of the wave is noticeable as you take that first drop and the wind rushes up the face of the wave. Through gritted teeth, you charge. Welcome to the thrilling intense world of The Surfer on PlayStation®3.


Capturing life as a professional athlete on the tough world tour, The Surfer throws you into the barrel for an action-packed thrill for the ride of your life. The first challenge is to overcome the waves, and then next is to conquer your opponents. Neither are all that friendly, so it takes nerves of steel and skill to become the world’s best.

The Surfer bombards your senses with heavy drops and booming tubes, and you feel every turn, carve and air with your chosen surfer. Go big, either backside or frontside, and putting your rail on edge is essential if you plan to make it through the cutthroat rounds. You simply have to go hard or go home.

But, you’re not alone all of the time. Thankfully, the commentary team is on hand to keep you up to date with tips and tricks and a slick selection of music genres, from house to rock to hip-hop to help keep your groove going out in the surf. The Surfer delivers everything a surfing game should.


Surfing 101

Mastering The Surfer is similar to real surfing – although the learning curve is much gentler. It still takes practice and spending time in the water learning how to read the waves. Nevertheless, when you get the knack of things, it's really satisfying.

PUMP is key. For the first time ever in a surfing game – you can physically pump up and down on the wave to build up momentum and then score big, purely because of the speed generated from the wave. Simply press R1 to accelerate. There is no need to hold in R1 to continue pump, just ride up and down in the sweet spot in the mid and bottom part of the wave. Easy. Pump, score big, then pump again...on top of this there is a staggering array of pressure-sensitive wave moves, floaters, tubes and air tricks that have been mapped onto the controller. Once you're ready to move on to grabs and special tricks, you can visit the tutorial.

Start out on the rookie World Qualifying Series to try your luck in an effort to qualify for the big league – the World Surfing Tour (WST). Surfers will need to load up their best boards, wetsuits and sharpest strategies to take on and beat the hungry pack of surfers all vying for a spot on the World Surfing Tour. The top five surfers at the end of the qualifying tour make it through. The rest are left to wonder.

If you want a short sharp burst of competition, then a Single Session will be your thing...or if you just want to cruise, then just Free Surf. If you want to beat up your buddy, take them on in the head-to-head, split-screen challenges, and, in future DLC, online modes with up to 8 players.


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