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#TheGalahad Sweepstakes

We just launched our new sweepstakes for The Order: 1886, giving all of you a chance to win a Ready At Dawn team-signed PS4, and I wanted to let all of you know the details.

Full rules / regulations available on our official Facebook page: 

Good luck!

The Order: 1886 at Gamescom – Introducing Nikola Tesla

For Gamescom 2014, we are thrilled to release a trailer showcasing new weapons and environments that you’ll be able to experience in The Order: 1886. Each weapon will give you the ability to experience different approaches to combat, whether it’s brute force or stealth. We are also excited to introduce one of the pivotal characters of the story; Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds Humanity has ever seen...

The Order: 1886 Unveils the Lycans

It’s been an amazing E3. From the PlayStation Press Conference to the days that followed, we had a series of reveals that shed more light onto The Order: 1886. We went into E3 with two demos that illustrated different aspects of the game: the battle in the streets of Whitechapel and the Lycan reveal in the London Hospital.

It was great to see players finally get their hands on the demo and accustom themselves with one of our signature weapons, the Thermite Rifle. We also debuted Blacksight, a gameplay mechanic based on the Knights’ use of Blackwater, and saw many players make good use of it against the Rebels...