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The Onion Knights

Fun with no end in sight! Try this fun and exciting shooting defense game!

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Publisher: THEM corporation
  • Developer: THEM corporation
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Defend the Kingdom!

The Onion Knights' the most popular game on Google Play, is release as PlayStation®4!

Play fun and exciting shooting defense game!

In the age of the Great Binge, the Broccoli, the Potato and the Ginger had all fallen to the 'Empire of Curry' and only 'the Onion Kingdom' is left.

But just as curry cannot be complete without onion, 'Empire of Curry' keeps attacking the Onion Kingdom. To defense their kingdom, invincible force has been joined into battle. They are 'the Onion Knights'.

You can collect heroes and upgrade the various knight’s skills to become the most powerful Knights.

Combine various items and to create your own strategy!

Users can enjoy the game. 


Save the Kingdom!

Experience exciting adventure with Onion Knights!

5 knights empowers themselves with magical onion juice. Defend the kingdom from an endless swarms of enemy.

This shooting defense game offers unique heroes with fantastic and comic skills.

You are appointed the new head of the knighthood! Defend the realm with your own strategy!



See The Onion Knights in Action!


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