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Tachyon Project

Action packed dual stick shooter that takes elements from traditional shoot'em ups to add a lot of variety in the gameplay

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Arcade
  • Publisher: Eclipse Games
  • Developer: Eclipse Games
Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Language
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A Unique Take on Twin Stick Shooters

Tachyon Project is an action packed dual-stick shooter where we've taken concepts from the classic shoot'em up genre and adapted them. The player will find the gameplay versatility and speed traditional to dual-stick shooters but with the weapons and enemies diversity normally found in shoot'em ups, providing a more varied and interesting gameplay.




Help Ada Uncover the Truth about her Parents

In Tachyon Project you take control of Ada, a software program that has taken conscience and that was designed to hack into the most secure servers on Earth. After some rather misterious events, Ada is thrown out of the test server where it was living and out into the Internet, but when she tries to go back there she finds she's unable to. She'll then start a journey to uncover the truth behind what happened to her creators, which she considers her parents. In the process she'll find out that things were a bit more complex than she initially thought.




Lots of Weapons, Enemies, Bosses and Game Modes

In Tachyon Project the player will find the gameplay versatility and speed traditional to dual stick shooters but with the variability in weapons and enemies that you usually find in shoot'em ups.

The variety of weapons, secondary weapons and perks allow for hundreds of combinations for your ship. That, along with the number of different enemy types, including various bosses provides a lot of gameplay variety that is something quite unique in the genre.

Tachyon Project also brings new ideas to the table, presenting a unique take concept of health as time and a new stealth mode where you have to pick carefully when to shoot to avoid being discovered too early and keep yourself hidden.



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