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Symphony of the Machine


Control the weather and bring life back to a dying world in Symphony of the Machine, a spatial VR puzzle game.

  • PS4
  • PS4-Pro
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: Stirfire Studios
  • Developer: Stirfire Studios
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Regrow the World

Control the weather and restore life to a wasteland


Story Overview

In Symphony of the Machine, you enter a world that has been ravaged by an event that has ended all life. It’s not clear what caused it or how, but nothing lives here anymore. But hope may yet exist. A mysterious and ancient structure sits unscathed on the burnt landscape, just begging for somebody to climb it and discover its hidden secrets. Ascend the tower, conduct the machine within, and start bringing life back to the world.




Enter the Tower

Immerse yourself in the stunning world of Symphony of the Machine. The game sets itself apart from other VR titles with a gentler, more meditative VR experience. Engross yourself in the beautiful soundtrack and atmosphere that invite you to relax, take it slow, and soak up all of your surroundings.

Conduct the Weather

The machine at the heart of the tower is also at the core of the gameplay in Symphony of the Machine. By learning to control the machine, you gain the ability to control the weather. By mixing different weather patterns you create new weather states that can impact the world in unique ways.

Solve an Enigma

Symphony of the Machine is a unique puzzle game that could only exist inside Virtual Reality. Discover solutions to gradually more complex puzzles that will test your spatial reasoning. Work with your robot companion as it guides you through the experience and provides you with the tools you will need to control the machine.

Restore a World

As you play Symphony of the Machine and progress through the game, the world around you shifts and changes to show the impact your actions have on it. Watch as greenery returns to the landscape, snow touches the tips of nearby mountains and life begins to flood back into the once desolate wasteland.



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