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'Survive! Mr. Cube' is an rogue-lite action game with the story of a man called 'Mr. Cube' who has to escape from an unknown world in order to get his life back. On this randomly produced system, you will have to survive using unique and unusual Cube characters and numerous weapons.

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Intragames Co.
  • Developer: Intragames Co.
Fantasy Violence
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Mr.Cube is destined to find his another self on the parallel universe to live his original life.

Waking up in this unknown dimension. The only thing in hands is a weapon and my body. There could be a way to escape over the dimension gate. But the dangerous monsters blocks from moving forward.

  • Rogue lite action game with random production of Monster and environment factors
  • Randomly produced Cube characters and base weapon
  • 4 themes structured with 25 stages
  • Random boss appearance, Guardian of dimension
  • Other Cubes competing for survival in the unknown world
  • Voxel based retro-like graphics

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