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5 Original Game Modes:

Blast your way through 5 unique game modes including 2 new Turbo edition modes. Save cute blastronauts and destroy the boss to claim victory in ‘Save The Colony’ mode. Manage your fuel and ammo to survive to the big-boss in ‘Survival’ mode. Protect your mothership from damage for as long as you can in ‘Protect Mother’ mode. Blast your friends into space dust in local competitive multiplayer modes ‘To The Death’ mode and the new ‘One Shot’ mode.

15 Space Blasters to Unlock:

Comlete challeges and blast those aliens to earn credits and unlock all 15 space blasters. Ranging from fast manouverable ships to slower ships with more fire power. Find the space blaster that suits your play style. Unlock space blasters with turrets to transform the game into a twin-stick-shooter.

Local Co-op and Competitive Multiplayer:

Team up with a friend to take on the alien forces or take each other on in the local competitive multiplayer modes.

Upgradable Power-ups:

Spend your hard earned credits in the shop. Upgrade your power-ups to give you the edge in the fight for humanity or unlock perks such as fuel-tankers, mini-shops, and extra in-game music.


Main Character
  • Fast-paced addictive shmup gameplay with bullet hell elements.
  • 5 play modes give varied gameplay and replay-ability.
  • Play alone in single player or with a friend in local cooperative or competitive multiplayer.
  • Collect coins to unlock all 15 space blasters each with their own perks.
  • Some space blasters have turrets, turning the game into a twin-stick shooter.
  • Loads of awesome power-up weapons to help you take down your enemies including lasers, homing missiles, and multi-shot.
  • Use your coins in the shop to upgrade weapons and unlock more perks.
  • Collectables to aid you in your mission. Big-bombs wipe-out nearby enemies, shields help you survive longer, and magnets drag fuel and ammo towards you.
  • Over 40 in-game challenges to help you gain coins and develop your space blaster piloting skills.
  • Simple hand-drawn art-style allows you to easily pick out the foes amongst the asteroids.
  • Compete to be the greatest space blaster pilot in the leaderboards.
  • Play along to the pumping 80s inspired synth-pop original soundtrack by Electric Fan Death.

Game Editions

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