Experience an Underwater World – Dive deep into Subnautica’s expansive oceans. Explore a world that's filled with sun-drenched coral reefs, treacherous deep-sea trenches, lava fields, and luminescent underwater rivers. The waters become more perilous the deeper you go.

Scavenge, Craft, and Survive – You must scour the world to find food, water, and materials to develop the equipment needed to survive the harsh environment. Craft knives, diving gear, and high-tech watercraft.

Construct underwater habitats – Build a base of operations on the sea floor. Take into account various layouts, components, and environmental factors, giving each playthrough a unique experience.

Various game modes - Subnautica offers different modes to suit different playstyles in addition to the traditional Survival mode. Like casual play? Try the "Freedom" mode, where survival is easier and exploring is laid back. Looking for challenge? Take on "Hardcore" mode and permadeath!

While on its journey, the Aurora was fulfilling a secondary task: scan Planet 4546B, a world comprised of almost entirely oceans, for signs of a ship that had gone missing in the area. Suddenly, the vessel was struck by a massive energy pulse, which sent it on a collision course with the planet's surface. Now alone in a damaged escape pod, you must brave this world to help save the ship in tatters, and find a way home.

Extensive Underwater Exploration

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