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With memorable characters, outstanding art design, and a heart-wrenching narrative, Steins;Gate is a critically acclaimed visual novel that can be experienced time and time again.

  • PS Vita
  • Also onPS3
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure / Role Playing Game (RPG)
  • Publisher: Pqube
  • Developer: MAGES./5pb./Nitroplus
Partial Nudity
Sexual Themes
Strong Language
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When teenage scientists discover the ability to send messages to the past, they inadvertently set off a chain of events that alters their future. Steins;Gate allows players to choose their own path through the twisting narrative, and forces them to make decisions which will affect the lives of all of the characters, and potentially the whole world. 

Steins;Gate takes the age-old question of 'What if..?' and places it in the hands of a group of teenage scientists, giving them the power to change the world around them. Players control Okabe Rintaro, a young man with constant suspicions of being pursued by the Organization, a shady group hell-bent on stopping his scientific research into time travel. Immerse yourself in the world of Steins;Gate, only fleetingly touched upon in the anime adaptation.





Okabe Rintaro - "I am the founder of the Future Gadget Lab, Lab Mem Number 001, the insane mad scientest Hououin Kyouma!" An eccentric, self-proclaimed mad scientist and founder of the 'Future Gadget Lab', a small group of friends with ambitions of global dominance. Okabe is usually arrogant, and believes himself capable of conquering the world, though his plans are often thwarted by the Organization.


Shiina Mayuri 
- "Tutturu♫ Call me Mayushii! I like making costumes more than wearing them." Okabe's long time friend, Mayuri enjoys creating cosplay costumes and works part-time at maid cafe MayQueen with Faris. She is always positive and greets everyone with a friendly 'tutturu'! Mayuri likes to create portmanteus of people's names: 'Okarin' to mean Okabe, for example.



Hashida Itaru
 - "Stop calling me that! It's super hacker, duh." An experienced computer programmer and an Otaku through and through. His affection for Faris can often lead him to say crude things aloud.



Makise Kurisu
 - "Let me start by saying that time travel is an absurd concept." An extremely talented neuroscience researcher at an American university. Kurisu is drawn into the world of Okabe because of her scepticism in his experiments.



Faris NyanNyan
 - "Are you holding another secret meeting to overthrow the evil Organization, nya?" Faris is the most popular waitress at the Maid Café 'MayQueen NyanNyan', where she adopts cat-like mannerisms and adorns cat ears. She likes to play along with Okabe's mad scientist persona, calling him Kyouma, and discussing the Organization. Faris is also a hardcore RaiNet AccessBattlers card game player and hosts the Faris Cup tournament at the MayQueen.



Kiryu Moeka
 - "...Sorry." Moeka is a shy young woman that relies heavily on her mobile phone, preferring to communicate with people through text message, even if they are nearby.



Amane Suzuha
 - "If you're ever in trouble, Okabe Rintaro, let me know. I can help with stuff like that." A part-time assistant for the landlord of Okabe's apartment, while she searches Akihabara for her father. She enjoys riding her bicycle around. For some reason, she harbours ill will against Kurisu, even though she displays a friendly and innocent charm to everyone else.



Urushibara Ruka
 - "Ah, umm. El...Psy...Kongaloo...?" Although wearing female garments and acting in a very feminine manner, Luka is a dude. Because of this, he is very shy and self-conscious, and unsure of his true feelings.





Steins;Gate is a visual novel in which players become immersed in the twisting narrative through interactions between the characters and the protagonist’s often delusional inner thoughts. At certain points in the game, the player is given the choice to affect the direction that the narrative will take via the 'phone trigger' system. Choosing an answer or ingore phone calls, and reply to or ignore text messages will affect how the plot progresses. The main themes of cause and effect and time travel are prominent throughout the game, as the player jumps through time to attempt to alter the narrative for the better in the future.


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